Beach Blanket Rental…

That’s The Name Of The Game….(Hums)

There are three key points that I follow when searching for a rental. The cost of the rental should be the perfect amount for the services offered & the area the rental unit is placed. Prim count that is perfectly in harmony with the rental price or a count above the rental price is perfect. Location of the rental must jive with the cost & the prim count. If the rental is too high with a low prim count in a crappy location I will not take it. If the price is low & the prim count is really good I still will not move in if the location is horrible (next to a mall, in a laggy sim, really horrible looking, etc.) I will spend a long time traveling through countless rentals before deciding on one. These three important things make me feel good about spending the money for a place to hang my prim hat.

Going Coastal

Two different cabin styles

450L W/180 prims

500L W/200 prims


I LOVE this rental. It is very unusual for me to start out a rental review with the worlds “LOVE” first thing. But…Going Coastal has grown on me since I started renting. There are two different types of rental beach cabins. The first set of rental cabins are right along the dock running along side of the ocean. Each of these cabins has a small porch, nice sized main room, & a small loft above the main room. Cozy in a way that doesn’t make you feel you are crowded.  At 450L a week for 180 prims it is well worth it for a place of quiet solitude. The beach view alone is worth the price.

I chose to go with the cabins that lie on a hill above the docks. Less traffic (although I have NEVER seen anyone here while I have been here) & more out-of-the-way. I am able to look over the sim, at the water, & the beautiful waves while I sit on my large side porch. Each of the cabins have the option of a second story (I decided to go with one without the second story. The ceiling is too low & the room is angled. I didn’t see the point in having it.) Due to the fact that I did not go with a cabin with a second story I do not have a fireplace. Really not a big deal for me. At 500L w/for 200 prims the size, view, & quiet are perfect for me & my martini.

Peace & Quiet For Tipsy

I have yet to see anyone on the land. Nor have I ever actually seen the rentals owner. In all honestly that works out BRILLIANTLY for me. I don’t have to deal with anyone. I can just automatically join the rental group & place my items. I can change the music on my land without having to ask someone else to do it. Simple & easy for a SL hermit. I am not bothered as I explore the romantic lighthouse, beaches, outdoor beach bar, tai chi, swimming, Etc. There are just so many areas to explore that there are just too many to list here.

I must mention that the land on the other side of the hill has various homes for sale (including the ones that are for rent). This is not a major issue as I have never seen anyone there. The homes have been placed in a sort of small town setting. It looks like they have not completed the placement of all of the homes. Strange that no one has shown up on the land to deal with finishing the house placements. Even though this is here behind the beaches it is not an issue. Nor is it in any way an eyesore. I think that when, & if, they finish their vision it will look lovely.

If you are looking for a beautiful beach view, a cozy private home, & virtually an entire beach to yourself with few issues then I highly recommend Going Coastal.

Napping In A Tree Is Hard

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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