Helping Hand..Just Don’t Bite It..

Today I helped a new Second Life resident. It was his first day & he had questions. I was nice & stopped to listen. I gave him landmarks for inexpensive yet nice male clothing. I also gave him a website to check out that had lots of cheap/free male items around the grid. He was extremely grateful for the help & that someone was polite to him. Then he asked me to kiss him.

Pin drop…..Tipsy sips her martini calmly….

I said “HA! First day and you are already trying to get fresh. Well…good luck with your SL man shopping. And welcome to Second Life. Bye!”  Then I left.

I am always willing to help any new resident out. If you have questions I am always friendly. I’ll answer them for you or point you in the right direction. If you are a girl I’ll probably give you free clothes (I have a folder of clothing that I no longer want. I am more than willing to give you these outfits that transfer just to get you started.)

Just don’t try to kiss me. Not a very good idea. Makes Tipsy all sorts of hulk like angry.

If I am sober I will be polite about it. If I’m drinking then I can’t promise too much.

“Tipsy smash attempted kisser.”

” Tipsy destroy.”

“Tipsy drink her alcoholic beverage with furious anger & vengeance.”

“Tipsy grind your noob lips into the prim ground.”


I don’t turn green but you get the picture.

It’s these times that I like to smack my head into the desk a few times & go back to something I’ve said COUNTLESS times. I’ll say it again just for the hell of it. Just because I am actually a real life girl who happens to also be a girl on Second Life DOES NOT MEAN that I will have sex with you, get naked, or make out with you. I am not here for your own amusement. (breath Tipsy breeeaattthhhh). OK. I’m done.

I wish the new resident well. I hope that he finds his clothes he is in search of. I hope he doesn’t try to kiss the wrong person. I’m just a little miffed that I forgot to give girl clothing to a woman noob who was also at the place I was at due to “kissgate”. Damn it.

Stop & help out our new residents. Be polite and say welcome. And if you are new…don’t try to kiss me……you never know if I’ll be sober or not.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tipsy Tip Of The Day: If you are a new resident don’t ask for help then ask if we’ll have sex/make out with you. It’s really a bad move.



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