SLupidity Episode 3

Psst....You Forgot Your Pants

I am sorry to inform you extremely skinny & pale avatar with the large hair that you have forgotten your pants. I can understand if you came to the store to buy pants (or a skirt) to cover up your ass but I feel it is my duty to inform you that I can see your vajaja.

Tipsy Tip Of The Day: Always remember this easy to memorize line. “If we can see your bits then cover yo shit.” Thank you.

Definition Of SLupidity: Word created by “Tipsy” Cerulean

Noun. Something insanely stupid that can be found on Second Life. Something that makes your head sometimes hit your desk in awe.

SLupid, SLupidly.

“I feel you made a SLupid mistake & forgot to put pants on today.”


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