SLupidity Episode 6

I have seen many female Second Life residents dress up in a Lolita/baby kind of ways. Adults wearing small dresses with lace socks. I’ve seen a lot of slaves sporting the latest in collars. We’ve all seen various degrading tattoos proclaiming such great hits as “Masters Little Whore”, “Slut Queen”, etc. Nothing new here.

How about if we combine all of the above….and then place them on a dance floor with the likes of a gigantic boobed avatar with a large dick, an anorexic big haired woman, & the thumping beat of techno?

How about we add me….standing in a corner…sipping a martini…taking pictures? Writing a review article while planning the next (& several more) SLupidity Of SL episodes?

Yeah…I knew that would peak your interest.

May I present to you…Slave Baby…Or SLolita….Or just general confused about what to wear. Yeah…I really need to work on a good name.


Cotton Candy Pink Is The New Submissive


This bright-eyed (wide-eyed) wallflower is sporting the latest in black bdsm collars & witty boobage tattoo sayings. From what can be seen I am assuming the first word on her chest to be “Lick” as the “ck” are the only things letters showing in the first word.  Could be “fuck”. I don’t think that  “airsick” would make any sense in this situation. But we’ve seen worse. Let’s just hope that the “Mo” in the last word doesn’t stand for “mofette”.

Now we shall stroll on down to the vision that is a pink babydoll dress. With its large upside down vase sleeves & hard to walk in skirt (it flips all over the place) she chooses to stand in the middle of the thumping dance floor. A wise choice to keep your panties…errrrrr…prim pants from the prying eyes of the dance hall freaks.

Rounding out our outfit are tiny little lacy socks that are very popular with the playground crowd.  Not only can these lacy disks decorate your socks they can also be used as the top of a mini drink umbrella, thrown for a dainty frisbee golf, or thrown like deadly lacy chinese stars of DOOM. Decapitation, drink umbrellas,  & college disk sports….what a versatile sock!

To make it easier for people to follow what I find wrong with this outfit I have drawn a diagram. I have circled all of the things that I find wrong & give advice as to what I think might help.


How To Fix Outfit By Tipsy


I hope that the picture helps you to better understand whats wrong with this outfit. And that the advice given as to how the outfit is handled is taken.

This isn’t as bad as a lot of the crap I’ve seen people sport on Second Life. I didn’t want to start out with the large breasted hand morphing woman with a surprise. Or the woman with hair that could cut a man. Thought we would take this night of thumping techno slowly. Too much fun can kill a person.

Tipsy Tip Of The Day: There are a LOT of cute babydoll dresses on Second Life. Free or cheap usually doesn’t mean it looks good. Usually it looks like a sack of prim shit. Save your Linden you paid for it & find something Also…I’m sorry but the cute little girl act is a fucking joke when you’re wearing a boob tattoo & a slave collar.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Definition Of SLupidity: Word created by “Tipsy” Cerulean

Noun. Something insanely stupid that can be found on Second Life. Something that makes your head sometimes hit your desk in awe.

SLupid, SLupidly.

“Your combination slave girl, slut tattoo, cutesy dress looks really SLupid.”



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