SLupidity Episode 7

For today’s example in SLupidity I had to pull out a special camera to to catch a sl avie in its natural club habitat. One that could capture the grandeur stylings of this particular type of wild avie.

I give you….The SLird Of Prey


Ca Caaawwwwww

Armed with the standard stripper heels & thigh highs this SLird of prey puffs out her feathers…err…hair to give out warning to other avies. “STAY AWAY!!”. When the SLird of prey sets her eyes on the perfect piece of SL meat she will pounce, using her thick talons…errr…hair to pull it’s victim in.

OK…OK…I like watching a lot of nature shows…bear with me peeps…

Her plain black dress may fool you into thinking she is harmless. Don’t be fooled. Her neck is a hypnotizing, blinging, void of destruction (not pictured here as looking at the bling may cause you to go blind or apeshit).  As you can see, there is no necklace that I can see on her neck. Yet it’s pulsing bling could be considered both a mystery & the key to how she lures in her victims for the kill. Sadly, I was unable to capture the correct moment to snap when it went BLING. To date, no SLird of prey has been photographed using her deadly bling neck of DOOM.

I, Dr. Tipsy B.A.C., have taken the time to study this fascinating, yet scary, SLird of prey for the common avie to study & understand. The key to knowing if you are facing certain death by a SLird of prey is to study its hair. Does it contain any of the following:


Knowledge Is Power


As a professional I recommend avoiding all eye contact with such an animal. If you find yourself trapped in a dangerous situation with such a creature it is best if you cover your face with your arms to prevent being pricked to death.

Godspeed Fellow Avies…God fucking speed.

Tipsy Tip Of The Day: Let’s get serious here for a second. I’ve seen some pretty kick ass mohawks on SL. This combination of deadly hawk of destruction, blinging neck (DAMN I wish I could have gotten the picture), plain black dress, & grey/silver stripper shoes don’t flow baby. Let’s tame this SLird shall we?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Definition Of SLupidity: Word created by “Tipsy” Cerulean

Noun. Something insanely stupid that can be found on Second Life. Something that makes your head sometimes hit your desk in awe.

SLupid, SLupidly.

“I had a friend that SLupidly looked into the eyes of a SLird of prey once. We haven’t been able to find his whole body.”

Does anyone have a bandage?



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