It’s just…there.

I wanted to write a really kick ass article about a garden on Second Life. So I came across the Da Vinci Gardens (G Rated Area) & thought to myself “Cool! They have a LOT of things to discover & explore!” After spending some time exploring a few of the areas the gardens have to offer all I could think of was….MEH.



For the countless items the Da Vinci Gardens have to offer it doesn’t make me go “This is nice.” or “What a neato place to hang & visit.” Instead, these gardens just make me go “Meh…how…eh..whatever.”

Don’t get me wrong. They do have some wonderful things to explore. I rode a turtle underwater though the oceans to look at fish. I like volcanos & they have a large one that spews lava. I saw a bat in a cave. Not only did I take a guided boat tour but I also drove my own boat. Not too shabby eh?




Then there are tip jars everywhere you look. The sly push of shopping in some areas. The blatant “Buy shit” when various tours around the sim  drop you right off in a small store (tour example above).  A cozy little treehouse just happens to be for sale right in the middle of the gardens. Buy…buy…you can’t fucking escape someone trying to sell you shit at all times.

Do you like romantic dancing? Sure! We all do. Then step right up because there are many white castles & towers for romantic dancing.I picked one such romantic tower only to find that someone didn’t bother to make the dance floor solid. I fell right on through where a fountain broke my fail. No martini’s were injured…at least.

At times teleport point can become crowded with people just standing around doing nothing except waiting for someone to hit on. I did get to see a woman who forgot to turn her sit animations off & morphed into a bench in the tp area. She was wearing a white latex catsuit that left little to the imagination. Her goal was to find a “date” willing to pay for her company This really doesn’t surprise me. G rated area. White latex catsuit showing the “goods”. Gardens & rideable turtles. Classy lady. Real classy.

There are a lot of places on Second Life that I love. There are a lot of places on Second Life that I hate. This place…I’m indifferent to it. It’s just…there.

Da Vinci Gardens (I just typed in keyword: garden)

G Area

Everything from riding a giant bat to dancing in a tower (Beware the floors.) Gaudy in some areas while beautiful in others. Avoiding tip jars & “buy me”‘s can be a great game to play.


“Tipsy” Cerulean


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