SLupidity Episode 8

Ahem…I have not one but two examples of SLupidity in one post this week.

I prefer to think of them as works in progress. Oh…who the fuck am I kidding? No I don’t. I lie.

I am still having issues with my SHOCK AND AWE over these beauties.

(Tipsy drinks a gin & tonic. Tipsy breathes. Tipsy tries not to get out the razor to go forth & trim. Tipsy will be OK.)

I’m in awe over the gross misuse over fur. I am in awe over the fact your fur would count as clothing. Shocked at the fact that I had to stare at, not one, but two sets of asses. Shocked that the both of you would consider matching such shittastic outfits together. With a contrast of black & white that you found “nice”.

Sorry…the SHOCK AND AWE of seeing the furry crotch twins kinda left me with my head bashing into a wall for a few minutes there. Onto the photos!


Viewing May Cause Hormonal Rage

Let us begin with Mr. Caveman. His flowing Fabio hair screams “I can’t believe it’s not SLbutter!!!!” The spikes & necklace combined with nudity let us know that he is venerable & needs a hug. Yet…if you try to hug him then you’ll get a spike in your eye (& crotch & stomach…) This avie is a conflicted & tortured prim soul. I’m tough yet I’m soft. I’m comfortable with my body yet I stand stiff because I’m actually lying my ass off.


Yes…come sit on Dr. Tipsy’s couch. I’ll smack you right across the mouth & ask “WTF were you thinking?”.

I guarantee you’ll feel the pain of therapy within the first few minutes of our appointment.

Onto his “beautiful” counterpart. The white to his black. The light to his evi….yeah what the fuck ever…on with the show.


Shave And A Hair Cut....


It’s nice Mrs. Caveman…err..woman…that you have decided to match you man. You are a brave, bold soul to go forth into the world with a really furry crotch critter, a bare naked ass, & nipple covers that look like something died on your tits.I like your…ummm…ahhh…umm…ears. Yes..that’s it. They are simply lovely.

Cough Cough. Hack Hack.

Ahem…something stuck in my throat. Oh crap. Please don’t tell me it’s something that drifted off of your outfit & I breathed it in.


Someone call a bartender stat!

I would like to point out something that some of you may not have noticed in both pictures. I know. It’s hard to really look around when your eyes are glued to the magic of fur genital covers (We’ll get to those in a moment.) They are both wearing…drum roll please…matching belly button piercings. Yes. Not only did they match the outfits but they matched the body piercings. If that ain’t love then I don’t know what the fuck is. I would zoom in for your viewing pleasure but I don’t think that is the highlight of this SLupidity episode. Yes ladies & germs…I give you…the SLMAGIC OF SL GRAVITY!!!

Please don’t get too excited.




Step right up folks! Get a good look at the furry junk covers that are held up by MAGIC! No lines! No straps! No shit…wow…really? Come on! They’re fucking fur patches that cover up your whoo haaaas. People could mistake you for lack of self grooming from a distance. If I didn’t have booze right now I’d smack the both of you, the creator of the junk covers, & the people who let you in their club.

Oh for the love of martini’s.

Tipsy’s Tip Of The Day: I love furries. I love tinies. I love everyone. I dig creativity. If you want to be a cat, dog, horse, chicken…knock yourself out. Whatever you want you go for it. But…come on! Fur junk covers? At an event that does not ask that you show every little part of you? (I didn’t take naked ass shots. I was too wide-mouthed over the fur.) Taste people. And a little bit of fucking common sense. Jeesh!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Definition Of SLupidity: Word created by “Tipsy” Cerulean

Noun. Something insanely stupid that can be found on Second Life. Something that makes your head sometimes hit your desk in awe.

SLupid, SLupidly.

“I am sorry to say that not only do furry crotch covers look SLupid but I would watch out for hair stylists.”



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