Happy Rez Day To Me

February 1oth 2007 is the day my avatar was born into this virtual world we call Second Life. Thrust into this virtual realm looking like ruth had stepped in front of a truck. A witness to the chaos we call….

Oh Jeez…

It’s just a fucking rez day.

It’s not like I cured fucking cancer or found the perfect hangover cure.

I had no visions of the virtual gods speaking to me when I first opened my  peepers. No Second Life Linden hand of God touched me & said “You’re special!”. (Of course not…they were too scared of how awesome & evil I am muah ha ha ha…cough..ahem..sorry)

I’ve never thrown a rez day party. No one has ever thrown a rez day party for me. There has never been a present given to me for it. Hell…I don’t think anyone ever notices it but myself. It’s a pretty damn cool milestone to hit another rez day in Second Life but not one that I think is as important as say…oh I don’t know…a birthday. It’s a personal thing where you can reflect the things you’ve done all of these years on SL. Then ask yourself “Holy crap! How much time have I wasted?!?!?!”

I thought it would be funny to show the first picture ever taken of myself on SL. It was taken two days after I was “born”. It’s pretty shitty, let me tell you. But..then again…it was 2007.

Feb. 15 2007 Two Days Of Figuring Shit Out HA!

There was no windlight. No sculpties. The clothing was not as spectacular as a select few are today. Realistic skins…what the hell was a realistic skin? From the depths of the virtual gene pool we looked like Ruth (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Ruth) & just had to basically pieced together shit the best we could.

2011…we’ve actually come a long way baby. Sculpties (and maybe, at some point in time, mesh), windlight, realistic skins, viewer version 6000XXX or whatever the hell it is now. If we could fix various bugs, lag, allow older computers to run SL, get management shit actually together, & make me a mimosa in the morning then we’ll survive at least a few more years.

So…Happy 4 Year Rez Day To Me. I’m celebrating quietly by myself with a mimosa (That I made myself.), a few days late & burning that 2007 avie.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Feb. 3rd 2011


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