Things I Love

Today is Valentines Day. VD Day. The day we remember a few martyred Romans & a couple of dead Chicago mobsters.

Five Important Things I Love Most In My Life.

1. St. Bishop – Through think and thin. Drunk times & sober times. He’s always here for me.

2. My Family: A bundle of energy, love, fun, & complete weirdness. Pickle, Fluffy butt, Bish. Love you guys.

3. The Companion Cube : The Cake Is A Lie.

4. My Friends


There are a few things in Second Life that I love. The various museums, parks, & educational areas I like to frequent. The fact that I can roller skate just about anywhere while holding a drink…and not get into any trouble.  Second Life can have a Valentine from me this year. Not one that costs anything & I would have to shop for. You get a homemade card this year.

I think the most important thing we should remember this Valentines Day is how important it is to show our love every day. Candy isn’t good for you. Flowers die. Cards get thrown away in a few days. It’s the love for the things you care about the most that are important. A good deed & a few good words go a long way.


Doing My Best Cute Heart Love Thang


Tipsy Tip: Showing a little love for those on a short budget this year who need something pretty to wear.  For Valentines Day this year Tokidoki has this special Love Dress for only 20 Lindens just for Valentines Day.  It took me a few to adjust the skirt to my shape (& it does not come with pants or anything to go under it) but it was worth it for this V Day picture.


“Tipsy” Cerulean





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