A Rental To Smile At

After staying a while at my last rental I decided that it was time to move on. Even though the experience had been pleasant I needed a change of scenery. I get bored looking at the same thing every single day when I log in. The whole purpose of Second Life is to explore & experience. I can’t exactly experience too much if I am constantly at the same rental home. This would also be a major downer for writing any rental reviews. Can’t properly write a rental review if we don’t actually live there.

After two days of searching for a new pad I was completely blown away by the last home rental store I visited. It goes by the name of Swings Paradise (also the name of the store owned by rental owner). Rental prices between 499L & 599L. Private skybox islands. Condos on low population residential islands. This had to be a mistake. How can the prices be so cheap? My first guess was lag & crappy builds. After visiting the first private skybox island I realized that I was very wrong. Hopping to each open rental I realized that each one was amazing. The builds were beautiful. There was no lag. Hmm….but it’s so damn cheap!

I decided to settle for a sky island that was beautifully landscaped. Two small partially furnished tiki homes. A small private beach. At 599L a week for 1/4 of a sim I felt giddy yet apprehensive. That cheap? Well…maybe the management & owner were slow to get back with you when it comes to issues & a group invite. Nope. Not in the least. The owner of the sim was on when I sent them a notecard asking for a group invite for myself & St. Bishop. Not only did she send the group invites but she came over to my land to set up the doors & security. She made sure that everything worked correctly for me, gave me the notecards I needed for living there, & two free (& extremely nice) garden swings to use on the land if I decided. I was informed that the rental group was not only for putting things on my land but a way for them to send information when something was changing, when there would be server work/rolling restarts/etc. The way a rental group should be used. I was happy to find out that the management was not only friendly but actually knew what they were doing.

The prim count may turn a lot of people off. 171 prims for 599L a week is not a bad thing in any way. The rental I currently inhabit involves two tiki huts. One tiki hut already has a beautifully built seating area (with tropical drinks) while the other home has a nicely built (adult) bed. The land is already landscaped nicely. There really is absolutely no reason for any more prims. They already took care of just about everything for you anyways. I just used my prims to put in a buddhist meditation area in one tiki hut, a desk in the other, seating on the beach, & something on a small tree platform on the other side of my little beach. I even used the swings I was given because they are not only beautiful but low prim. That is all you need. Trust me. They took care of the rest

View Of Tiki Huts

This rental is a pleasant surprise. You can have quality, good service, & the very best at a price that doesn’t make you pull your prim hair out. This place proves just that.

My Little Beach.

Swings Paradise (SP)

My rental: 599L/week 171 Prims Landscaped sky island, Two part. furnished tiki houses. 1/4 sim.  Small beach. Only two rentals in area (150m apart from each other)  Pictures do not do the rental justice.

Rentals run from 499L/week to 599L/week. Prim count may vary depending on which rental you choose. Some other rental options are medieval home, modern, fantasy. (The medieval home on its on private sky island that I looked at had a small swamp as well as its own little beach. Very nice.) Many rentals to choose from but they rent out FAST! Only a few were open when I rented. It’s worth it.

Rental owner also owns their own shop called, ironically enough  ” Swings Paradise  “. I have been to this shop a few times & the builds are very nice. You know that when her builds are nice that the quality of the items you are renting will also be nice. They do know what they are doing.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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