New Exciting Project

After a long time planning we have started a project called “One Year In The SLife”. An experiment in Second Life.

“One Year In The SLife” is striving to answer these six questions in the course of one year.

1. Are new Second Life Residents treated any better than they were four years ago?

2. What is there now to help out a new resident?

3. What has changed for the new avatar?

4. Do to the huge uprising in store group freebies & hunts, could an avatar actually live on only 365 Lindens for one year?

5. Do I really need to pay for land? A house? Can I find a decent place to change my clothes? A good place to set home to?

6. Is there stuff to do besides spending money? Besides shopping?

Our Avatar, MyOneSLife, is armed with only 365 Lindens to survive 365 days. We want to see how things have changed from four years ago as a noob to now. Can we actually survive on only 365 Lindens (cutting out almost all shopping from our travels?)

Check out the project HERE!

The SL Experiment.


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