UPDATE: Redzone being used at the Skin Fair.

Link HERE for information regarding hassles of fair, major issues & use of Redzones system


As I type away on my keyboard the 2011 Vanity Skin Fair is in full swing. Mobs of people converging on one small area of the grid. Attempting to wander around & browse the wares. Skins, skins, & yes…more skins.

It is a large event placed on land that can only contain about 50 people at a time. That alone is a disaster. A large fair that can only handle 50 avatars at one time? It boggles the mind. When you teleport to the fair you are asked to remove items to reduce lag issues. The problem is that you need to do this BEFORE you get to the fair grounds. The lag is so horrible that things won’t attach from you. If you don’t reduce your scripts & items (hair, shoes, huds, etc) within a certain amount of time then you will be teleported off of the grounds. You can remove them then try again but good luck trying to get back on. This makes things difficult when you attempt to just teleport on a whim & actually get there. Then count the number of people who didn’t realize that they needed to take everything off before getting there or face being teleported out. Due to these issues I would love to actually see the number of people who were successful in purchases.

I have NEVER been to a fair that has yielded me anything remotely exciting. Multiple hair fairs & I’ve come away with nothing that I would consider better than anything I could have just gotten at a store. Clothing fairs that failed to impress.

The big winners are usually the press the businesses get from various blogs writing about them. Not to mention the various bloggers who were able to attend before opening (to be able to write about the fair).

I would love to see many who supplied the advertising for such fairs, who write about them, & who attend them before they open to actually try to write about things as they occur. Strip down to your underwear & attempt to teleport in. Try it at 5am in the morning. Try it at 10pm at night. It’s always busy. If you do succeed in making it then I want you to walk around in your underwear, duck like, with no hair & really experience what these type of shopping fairs have to offer. If you’re able to make a purchase that you couldn’t have made in a regular store then more power to you. Experience what a real avatar has to go through.

Isn't Stripping For Shopping FUN!! (add sarcasm here)

Fairs are teleport failures & lagfests. After multiple attempts to teleport I’m not going. It’s just not worth feeding into it.  I don’t think I’m missing out.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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