Working In A Coal Mine…

Whop! About to slip down….

After my Second Life learning experience I’m stuck with THIS song in my head. It won’t go away.


Learning can be fun! No….really…I’m not joking. It can actually be fun.

I swear.

Education is important. When I see educational & interactive things to do on Second Life I get really giddy about them. Not only am I a geek with booze, I am also a nerd with this need to constantly learn something every day that doesn’t just involve new cocktail recipes.

This week I would like to recommend that you check out the “Deep Down Virtual Mine“. An educational & interactive experience that involves learning about coal mining, conserving energy, & alternative energy resources. The educational experience is broken down into a few areas of timed activities. When you first arrive you will need to pick up a hard hat & hud. You can do these activities on your own but it is much easier if you come with a nice group of people as they are timed activities (Trust me…doing it alone is not an easy task. I was unable to complete all of the activities under the clock.) One person will need to wear the red foreman’s hard hat while everyone else wears a yellow one. The person in the red hard hat will be in charge of the group, have control over starting the various activities, & it is their job to make sure that everyone works together as a team.

Part 1: We Got To Move These Refrig...Errr...Trees...

The first activity area you will need to clear a forest of trees by knocking them down with a bulldozer. After the trees are completely clear red flags will appear. You need to walk up to each flag & touch (set explosive charges) before you can hit a red plunger to blow up the top of the mountain. After the mountain has been blown up you will then need to get into a large crane to place piles of coal onto a conveyor belt. From there you will need to run down the hill, hop into a dump truck, load up, then bring the coal back down the mountain to the train tracks where it will be loaded onto a train. All of this….in ten minutes or less. This is why I recommend you do this as a group & not as an individual. One person can run the crane while others drive trucks up and down the mountain with the coal. If you work together then you should be able to accomplish getting the coal onto the train in ten minutes.



The second activity involves running around town & turning off all power sources. Street lights. Cash registers. Refrigerators. Anything in the town that takes electricity will need to be turned off to complete the second activity. Doesn’t sound too hard but it gets difficult if you find that you have skipped one light in a building but can’t remember which one. Working together & being thorough is key.



Part 3: Rocking The Wind Baby! Wooo!

The third activity involves placing water pipes to harness water for hydro power, fitting solar paneling on top of a few red barns (almost like Tetris pieces), & building a few wind turbines. I breezed through the wind turbines & hydro power. I absolutely sucked at getting all of the solar panels to fit nicely onto the barns. If I would have brought a group of people with me I would have delegated the placing of solar panels onto the barns as I rocked the wind turbine building.


What did I learn from all of this? I, personally, am not a fan of blowing up the side of a mountain to get coal. It does give people idea of the process. Turning off various electrical items in town makes us conscious of how much electricity we waste. It takes a few seconds to turn off a light when we don’t need it. I am a huge fan of alternative energy sources like solar power, wind power, water power. Yes…I am a hippy.

Each area has a billboard to click to learn more about exactly what you are doing at each learning area as well as give you directions. I applaud their amazing effort at educating people on Second Life.

If you are curious to learn more about the “Deep Down Virtual Mine” then please click HERE to check them out on Second Life. If you want to read about their efforts & who is putting this amazing educational experience together then please click HERE.

I plan on going back again soon. Not only do I enjoy learning & wearing a hard hat but I also need to take a few lush friends.

“Tipsy” Cerulean



2 responses

  1. Thank you for recognizing the work we did on the Virtual Mine! So glad you enjoyed it!

    We have a lot of exciting events coming up soon at the mine.

    Later this month, we’ll be giving a tour of the mine and taking a closer look at virtual simulations and game for change including who is using them, and things we learned while creating them at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education.

    We will also be featuring the Virtual Mine during a talk in April for the “Train for Success” group.

    The specifics of these and a few other events have yet to be confirmed, but as we get more information we will release more details!

  2. I would love to come to one of these events. I love how educational & interactive the virtual mine is. Your mine really shows people the educational uses of Second Life! 🙂

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