I Gots To Get Me One Of These…


Tractors Woo!

Yes..I know…a tractor. Why the hell would I think a tractor is awesome? I live in the country. I like tractors. Big pieces of machinery that serve a purpose. No I don’t think your tractor is sexy. I just appreciate their use.


Tractor. You're Doing It Wrong.


A Second Life tractor? Whuuu? Yes…a virtual tractor. Not only is it a tractor but it is an extremely well made, nice looking piece of Second Life building. That is the main reason I took a bunch of pictures with tractors & wanted to share them. Creative & really skilled building. The details of each tractor are realistic & well thought out. I am highly impressed.


Nice Wheels!


If you would like to check them out then make your way to Area 9.


Considering Becoming A Tractor Model.

“Tipsy” Cerulean




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