You Don’t Have To Please Everyone

There are some days, both virtually & in real life, where you feel that you’ve been polite & nice to people you don’t really like just because you have to. Sometimes this is true. You might have to be polite to a boss or someones relative you just cannot stand. Or maybe you’re being nice to an individual because others you know may also be nice to them or actually put up with them. In some cases you might even be nice to someone for personal gain.

When does it stop being because you have to & start becoming more on the lines of “I just do it because.”? I put that sentence to work today by deleting someone off of my twitter. Blocking them completely. I never really cared for this annoying individual. They did nothing but annoy me, piss me off, & brought nothing to the table. Only thing we had in common is the fact that some of the same people they know also know me & we are both Second Life residents. That is basically where the similarities stop. Why would I follow someone I don’t particularly care for? My excuse was because they also talk to people I talk to.  Some of which don’t even like them but do it because “It’s the polite thing to do.”.  I put up with the annoying behavior. The lack of humor in their jokes. I put up with them.

What made me decide that I don’t have to be polite to someone that pisses me off anymore? Their button pushing for one.

I am all about differences in individuals. You may like something I don’t like. Or vice versa. Diversity rocks. I have many friends who have different interests then I do. I may not be into it but I respect their choices in their own lives. But when your opinions & feelings no longer matter to someone then it’s time to stop being polite, tell them to fuck off, & go on your merry way.

Diversity Kicks Ass!

Sometimes you have to be a bitch. It’s that fucking simple.

You don’t have to be nice for the sake of being nice all of the time. It’s OK to think about yourself & not their feelings if you don’t want to have anything to do with someone anymore. They might feel hurt but you no longer have to care.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

HOMEWORK: Is there someone you really cannot stand that you are polite to? Someone you find annoying & you put up with them for no good reason? Today’s homework assignment is to stop talking to them. If it makes you feel better tell them why you are not going to talk to them anymore. Throw in a “Go fuck yourself!” if it makes you feel any better. You can do it!


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