For The Last Time….

I am not a fan of breedables. I use to be a LONG time ago. Not so much anymore. I had the chickens as soon as they first came out. It was fun while it lasted but between laggy markets, sinking money into them, racking up prim counts for them, & the fact that it slowly became a dying market was the end for me. That & the fact that I found it both stupid & boring. But that’s just me. I did a beta testing for a few but…meh…it’s really just flat-out not my thing.

I’ve found that I actually can’t stand them.

I don’t care if you do it. I have nothing against you. Have at it. Do whatever. It’s just not my cup of  tea.

There are, however, a few things that I do not mind. That do not bother me. I’m not all super bitch. Well..not always the super part.

Today I was going to make a list to clarify what I like & what I don’t like due to actually being asked these questions CONSTANTLY. I grabbed a beer & started typing away. Then I said to myself “Why the fuck am I doing this?”. A key rule to life is the fact that you don’t constantly have to explain every little thing to people. Sometimes it’s OK to say “Because I don’t”. You don’t owe anyone. I don’t eat meat but you might eat meat. I don’t like breedables but you might like breedables. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can like & dislike things. It’s fucking OK. I don’t hate anyone because of their beliefs or likes/dislikes. I might not like someone just plain flat-out because.

So that I can just point to this article the next time I get harassed about this subject or asked a question I quickly summarized what I like & don’t like. For the last time!

Breedable animals annoy the fuck out of me. I just flat out cannot stand them.

Clams, snails & tulips fucking crack me up. I don’t care for them. Come on! It’s a fucking clam! Woo…party!

Furblis I like do to the fact they are a game. I don’t like people who defeat the whole purpose of a game by cluttering the grid with 100s of them. (It also helps that I have someone in the house who likes them & is entertained by watching them while I have to do things on SL.)

Fairies & butterflies I don’t mind for garden accessories. A couple floating around a garden area can look pretty. People who throw a shitload in a cage piss me off. If it gets all crazy they go in the don’t like pile with all of the other breedables.

Plants are weird.

Some pets/park animals are A-OK in my book. They don’t breed. They are just accessories.

There is WAY too much shit to even mention here.

I hope some of this clarifies my stance once and for all. I don’t care what you do or if you like it or not. It’s your choice. Your opinion. Everyone is allowed to have one. I know people who are totally into the whole breedable fad. More power to them. Do yo thing.

I won’t harass you if you don’t harass me. It’s that simple.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. – If you think about it for a moment you have to admit that even having to explain my reasoning is stupid. In all honesty who the fuck cares anyways about this shit. There is SO MUCH MORE one can do with their time.


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