Office Remodeling

Since it was spring I decided to do a wee bit of office remodeling. I don’t need some huge, fancy office on massive amounts of land. I write an alcoholic nerd blog with a lot of curse words in it. So something small is the only thing I need.

Currently at the office we have flowers, free vodka, a flying mole, & some desks. OK…we have more than that but I don’t want to bore you with such great word hits like “Wall” & “Windowpane”.


Ooooo Officey!

Click on the signs in the office for site information.


Yes…you can sit on the bench outside.

If you want to be in the “SL Alcoholics” group please drop me a note card or a line or smoke signals. Anyone can join but you have to ask due to assholes who grief.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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