Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

Baby we can talk all night. But that ain’t getting us nowhere.

God damn you Meatloaf.

I just thought the name of that song makes a KICK ASS title for today’s drunken fun article.

Bring out the party balloons & kegs stands.

At some point in the years you will spend on Second Life you will find yourself smashing your head into your desk out of boredom.  You will find yourself wondering why the hell you even bother to log in at all. Shopping, clubs…we fucking get it. Been there fucking done that. Friends will wander off or disappear completely due to different paths taken. You’ll realize just how much of a money pit it is & actually figure out that shopping & clubs blows hardcore.

OK…not everyone…but those that don’t..come on…SERIOUSLY…you have an issue. How dull & pocket draining is that? You can have fun without dropping dolla dolla bills y’all.

Wake the hell up.

Anywho…most sane people will come to a point once or multiple times where they can’t find a single reason to even bother to log into a virtual world with so many issues. (Lag, the current billing issue, the need to run a super computer from the future, computers exploding). I’ve been there. After my first year on Second Life I went through a period of “I get it shopping…this is so fucking boring.” followed by another period a year later. “Ooo look another fucking “Best In Black” event. WOOOWWWW I’ve never seen that before! (insert sarcasm here)“. Year three found me yawning & passing over the SL log in screen to play a video game.

I am currently on year four & I find myself back at that yearly stage of “There has to be some damn thing to do on here!”. To combat this years feelings of virtual despair I’ve found new ways to keep my self positive & busy. Is it working? So far so good….

I don’t want to wander around & shop. Most of the time it’s a huge waste of money. I am not a huge shopper in real life. I don’t really want to be one in Second Life. If I wanted to by myself clothing I would take the money I would have used on that virtual dress & actually buy a real one. I made my own dress this week. It majorly rocks & was fun to do. I spent 0L on it. That makes me feel good. It’s something I took the time to create that didn’t have me wandering around virtual malls for.

I cannot stand the same ol’ looking clubs of SL. Ohhhh I get it! Best in leather eh? Ha…wow…original.’ve built a club that involves (insert typical Second Life club theme here) that EVERYONE else before you has already built. How…fun. You know how to DJ? Cool…now stand in that corner over there with the 100 other avies that also do the same thing AND play the same crap you do. How the FUCK am I suppose to kill the virtual boredom with all of this shit surrounding me?


Sci-Fi Speed Building

I’ve been to a lot of creative events as of late. I don’t view them as events as much as they are belonging to a community that does things together. I have watched “prim charades”, speed building contests, I partook in a tiny light saber battle. (Got kicked out my second round but it was still a LOT of fun.) This past Sunday I sat around with others as we listened to a weekly radio theater. This week was “War Of The Worlds”. I browsed a sci-fi exhibit created by other residents. All of these were fun times. A community of friendly, like-minded individuals has kept a major portion of the “God Second Life really does suck ass.” mentality at bay.Combined with unique activities it blows those cookie cutter events completely away.

What should I do with my time? I don’t want to fill it with the same stuff day in & day out. I do laundry in real life every day. That’s really not that exciting. If washing & drying things in real life every day is boring then how can I keep the same boring monotonous activities out of my virtual life?


Did you know I recently took a class on Second Life? I’ve done virtual videos before. I wanted to take this little tidbit of knowledge that was lodged in my brain & expand on it. For this little bit of know how to grow I took a class on machinima.  But…I’m not going to stop there. I love to learn. It’s exciting & worth my time.

I have taken the time to start working on an exhibit project for this month. Currently I’m building a tiny volcano. I’m not buying a volcano. I’m building a volcano. It probably won’t be the most spectacular piece of prim mastery in the world but it will be my own. When my display is finished I will be proud in the fact that I did this all on my own. Creativity has kept me coming back.

Finding a community of  like-minded people who are friendly. Taking the time to create on my own. Taking virtual education classes to better myself. Engaging in activities that I find exciting rather than those others feel are important. Stopping & taking the time to do what I need to do to make my virtual experiences good for me. These have all helped me to get through this years “Virtual blues”.

You don’t have to do what you think you have to do. You do what you want to do because you love it. When you stop loving it & start finding that signing on is more of a chore than an adventure then you have found yourself stuck in that black hole of virtual boredom. You can pull yourself out of it. Sometimes to do that all you need to do is re-evaluate your “2nd Life”.

Hopefully that despair feeling will make a “Once In A Blue Moon” appearance next time.

Damn it…now I want to drink a Blue Moon.

“Tipsy Cerulean”

Tipsy’s Friendly Tip Of The Week:

What is a prim?  Refresher course time!


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