Fashion Blog Pet Peeves

I would like to start out by apologizing about the lack of writing at the SLA Review for over a month. There has been a LOT of important things going on in my real life. Hopefully life will calm itself down & give all of us at the Tipsy homestead a much-needed break.  As we all know real life will always come before Second Life. (And for those of you who don’t think that…umm…yeah…get help.)

There are a LOT of various blogs writing about the latest SL fashion on the internet. Some are independent writers who find clothing they enjoy & write about it. Others are a stores blogs showing you their latest wares. You’ll find the ones that showcase all major blogs on one page, people who write about fashion freebies, SL fashion writing magazines taking a stab at blog writing. The list goes on. I enjoy browsing some of these websites while keeping up with the latest fashions. Seeing all of the new, creative (creative being a good word…tired of the same old slutty shit offerings.) outfits.

I do not spend the majority of my time on Second Life feeding into the shopping economy. To me it isn’t that exciting. I can shop in real life. In real life shopping is not something I get giddy over. If I had GOBS of money I might get a little real life giddy. Just a wee bit. Maybe not. I would probably do most of my shopping online anyways. Anything that will keep me from driving to a crap ass shopping center or mall will make me damn happy. Why the hell am I mentioning my disdain for real life shopping on a Second Life blog? Simple. I want the same services from Second Life that I can have in real life. I can read an advertisement to see who has the best deals. I can easily search for what I want & find it online without having to go to the store. The same goes for any fashion blog/writer of Second Life. If you show me an outfit the holy fucking hell tell me where the fuck I can find it.

THAT my friends…is my biggest issue with Second Life fashion blogs. Yeah…you freakin’ showed me a picture. Woooop deeeee doooo. It looks awesome. Where the hell did you buy it? OH….you don’t want to give me a SLurl. Ohhh….you don’t even want to give me the full name of the store or the creator? You want to give me an abbreviation of the place you bought it from? Well….here is a little tip. Not all of us can read you fucking minds. Strange as it may sound but not all of us even know what store you are talking about. With that said I feel that maybe…just maybe…if you are going to write about Second Life Fashion, commerce, & the LL economy then you might want to give people a heads up as to where exactly you are spending your hard-earned virtual dough. If you want to be a true writer with any worth then you will actually give us the information we need to completely understand what you are saying. Yes…it is that fucking easy. (Stop being so lazy, get off of your asses, & create SLurls).

My second biggest pet peeve within the SL fashion blogging industry is photoshopping. Touching up & making a photo look polished & fancy when bringing me the latest in virtual garments is not helpful in any way. Sure…it might look pretty but let’s be honest…it does not really look like that when I put it on. It gives a false idea of how something will look instead of the real deal. Go ahead & crop a photo to make it smaller. Cut out something that you want to really show off. Go on location to do your photo shoot or just shoot it with a background behind it. Give me the real, honest look that it will give me if I put it on. Don’t sugar coat it, make it perdy, then piss me off when I buy it to find it actually sucks ass.

I would write more fashion related posts on the good ol’ SLA Review but there are SO MANY fashion blog sites that recycle the same shit over & over again (or those that actually come up with something awesome on their own) that I feel it isn’t needed. Do you guys really want to read MORE about shopping & fashion? Nah…didn’t think so. You just come here for the cursing, bitching, drinking, & general awesomeness. (Yeah..I just complimented myself….so what…).  Hopefully, some day, many Second Life fashion writers will wake up & figure it all out.


Really Awesome Tipsy Tip: If you want to write about Second Life fashion then think of those you are writing for. Clearly state the names of the stores the items are found so that it is easier for people to find them. Adding a SLurl is a great idea. Don’t alter the photos to make them look like something they really are not. Give us the real look as it would look on us. Cropping & such is fine. Don’t lie to us.


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