Episodes Of SLupidity #9

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the gravel covered dainty gloves off & put on my glass & burnie pokie things gloves on. This weeks SLupidity episode not only shows us the horrors we may uncover when wandering aimlessly in Second Life but it teaches us a few important virtual life lessons. Hopefully….we can all come out of this with as little trauma as possible. Maybe…just maybe…we’ll learn a little something about ourselves. (Ahhh hahahaha…sorry…just couldn’t keep a straight face.)

Boobies. Hooters. Bazongas. Chesty meat bags.

All great names for breasts.

Contrary to popular belief there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. This week is a great example in excess of massive beanbag proportions.

OMG It's eating that pole! AHHH!

Prim back pain. Sudden combustion. Evil mindless bouncing rampage of horrific proportions. Chance of suffocation while standing 6 feet from the offending bra stuffers. All of these & so much more can occur when a resident of Second Life throws common sense out the prim door & goes all in on a set of tatas. Do you really want to hurt innocent bystanders? Does poking someones eye out with your nipple sound like fun. No sir it isn’t. Please be a responsible resident of our fair virtual community & think before you inflate.

I hope that this weeks Episode of SLupidity leaves you with a sense of safety. Please beware of coming in contact with jugs of epic proportion.

Thank you!


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