Tipsy Vs. The Meeroo

As I’ve said in the past I am not a fan of breedable animals on Second Life. I feel that many of them are money eating wastes of space. People get so hung up on them that they go to excess. Filling entire sims with them. Continuously over breeding. Selling them in weird places like a dress shop. It’s obsessive & excessive all wrapped up in one little breedable ball of annoyance.

I don’t mind the breedables that you can turn the breeding off. Not the ones that you still have to constantly feed 24/7 but the ones that you no longer have to shell out hard-earned lindens to fatten up. I do enjoy SL pets. Ones that do not breed or ask me to buy them food every week. I can dig them because I’m not shelling out Lindens to buy them grub nor are they cluttering the grid with offspring. Squishy, my pet alcoholic slug, is a prime example of the perfect pet. He doesn’t eat. He doesn’t breed. He just slimes around with a trail of slime bubbles behind him. On occasion coming up to me & professing love & giving kisses. He’s around one whole prim. Perfect.

Squishy The Alcoholic Slug

In a oversaturated market of breeding prims filled with horses & bunnies & chickens (Oh My!) Meeroos decide to make a grand appearance. What makes them think that they will be a game changer? It breeds. It cost you money to feed it. What makes this any different from any other breedable animal on our virtual planet?

Damn good question isn’t it? The only way to figure this out is to get one & stare at it for a while.

I wandered into the official Meeroo store not really knowing what the hell I was doing exactly. Best way to take it was to take it fresh. Without any knowledge of how these little breeding things worked. My only knowledge being from snips of blogs or tweets of joyous owners professing their already blooming obsessions with the creatures.

I hesitated for about 10 minutes over the cost of one single Meeroo. For one Meeroo, food for one week, & a little home stump it cost 999L. 999L!!! Holy fucking shit. WOW! This article almost didn’t come to exist at this point due to the upfront cost of one little Meeroo. In those 10 minutes I wandered to a few places that were selling them individually. Cheapest one I found was 950L. No food. No home. Just the thing. Fine. Sometimes writing about something costs us a wee bit. I shelled out the 999L for the pack weeping over the massive amount of lindens lost over the transaction. At that point in time I crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t kick myself the next day & get all pissed off over the money spent.

I decided to put the thing at my SL Office. You take the Meeroo chest you are given as your purchase & place it on the ground. Don’t edit to take all of the things into your inventory. You will just end up screwing everything up & throwing your keyboard over the money you just lost screwing it up. You’ll end up with a home stump (1 prim), a dish of food (1 prim), a hud, & a nest. You will need to coax your Meeroo (13 prims) out of the nest by clicking on it. After 120 seconds you end up with one of these things.

What exactly do these things look like? What the hell are they?

What In The Hell Is It?

To me they look like  a cross between a rabbit, a cat, & a squirrel. If it had horns I would call it a jackalope. Creative in their looks. Kinda cute. Not too shabby. Prim count on the little thing could be worse. I ended up naming her “Sangiovese“.

The hud is extremely easy to figure out. Just read the directions on how to take care of the thing & use the hud & you’re gold. Taking care of it isn’t hard. You feed it. You can pet it. You can hold it. It can find you “treasures” & want attention. There is a whole “Fellowship” dealio where you can connect with other owners for “respect points”. That’s the basics.

I don’t want to breed the damn thing. It’s low prim & cute enough where I don’t mind it running around my office. I don’t want to have to pay to feed it. Making it into a non-breeding, non-eating prim entity sounds pretty cool to me.

Wait…whats this…….

Oh…you have got to be fucking kidding me….

After much digging to find out exactly how to make this furry thing into a pet I find out that it will cost me 1500L to turn it into a non reproducing/non eating walking prim. 1500 fucking Lindens. THAT, my friends, is where they get you. So…you don’t want to breed it or pay for food eh? Well…that’s cool. We’ll just take a shitload of money from you at one time since we won’t get any out of you the next time around.

999L for the thing with a weeks worth of food & a stump home. 1500L to make it into just a pet. (Calculating) That is a grand total of 2499L for one to make it a pet. That comes to $10.29. You have got to be fucking shitting me.

I know..I know…I could pay the 63L a week or whatever it is in bulk to feed the damn thing. But…you’re missing the whole point. I don’t want a pet I have to shell money out to feed.  I don’t want to breed it to make money to pay for it. I hate that shit. But…I will take it as a pet to run around my office & look cute. For the amount of money they want to purchase it then make it a pet I could have bought a different SL pet. A few for that price. Or I could have bought a pet that has more options.

One day before getting pissed? Try two hours.

Yeah…I’m now taking donations at my office to get this damn thing fixed. Or I’ll sell it to you if you want the little thing.


Yeah. Meeroos are cute. They make cute little noises. They let you hold them & pet them. They cost you a prim arm & leg to just purchase one. Then they cost you a lot (over time) to feed. If you want to just make it a pet then it costs you to even do that. Forget the whole fellowship of Meeroo owners thing. I could care less about making friends in the name of virtual pets. What it comes down to is the fact that it’s really just another form of breedable pet that will cost you in the long run. No matter how cute it is it’s really not that different from every other one you see on Second Life.

So…what am I going to do with it? Sell it if someone wants it. Take donations to get it fixed if I’m stuck with it. Let it run around my office & keep Squishy company. What else can I do?

Tipsy Cerulean (Currently Smashing Head Into Her Desk)


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  4. […] overly talked about & L$ hungry. After much thought I would like to give the award to  Meeroo Pets. Expensive. Time consuming. Grid invading. They end up with this years award do to the whole […]

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