The Day @rodvik Decided To Follow Me

Yesterday I noticed that @rodvik started following me on twitter. (Rodvik Linden for those that don’t wander around twitter). I like to think that it was because I write kick ass articles on Second Life that involve honest opinions. It probably has absolutely nothing to do with my writing. It probably has more to do with the fact that he said he was following people on twitter combined with my drunken tweet to him basically yelling at him to start following people who weren’t so well-behaved at times. Or something to that effect. What the hell do I know? I was drunk.

This really got me thinking about LL, Second Life, & the various changes we are seeing in our (not so) lil’ virtual world. With avatar physics my boobs jiggle. I could really care less if they jiggled, jigged, or made me drinks (The drinks part I could dig). Yes…I understand that it is more than just (follow the) bouncing boobies (into the next strip club). Search is (suppose) to get better. I’ll keep crossing my little virtual fingers that it actually will get better before I jump up & down (jiggle) for joy.

I still have the same gripes from years ago. The fact that @stbishop cannot access Second Life any longer on any of his computers because his hardware no longer allows it. If he does it takes minutes (hours) for the world to load. He is unable to wander around with any (none) ease. @stbishop has an iPad but it does not good for Second Life. Why someone has not created a striped down viewer for older computers to run puzzles me. More residents able to access the grid who do not have the funds to constantly buy new equipment would be a great boost to the grid. Bringing back older residents who no longer can access it would be a celebration.

Dear @rodvik

Not all of us are the polite social commentators of our great virtual world. Some of us curse, drink, & shake things up a bit with our ideas, our humor, & our blunt honesty. For all of the ass kissers there are scores more who put on a pan, retro green dress, & arm ourselves with a martini to fight for a greater virtual world. Not just for ourselves. But to preserve what we have for all of us. It just so happens that sometimes we do it a bit drunk & stumble at times.

So…thank you for the twitter follow Mr. @rodvik along with the many others on twitter you have started following. Hopefully you’re not kicking for yourself for doing it.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

(CURSE COUNT: I think I only counted 2. This may be a record for the LEAST amount of cursing in one article. I’m not sure if I should cry, get an award, or get another drink.)


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