Production Levels At Zero

Today I had a few things I wanted to write about. Stuff I wanted to work on. A few articles to do for today & this weekend. Alas…I cannot get anything done in world do to various Second Life issues. Earlier this morning I was attempting to change clothing but nothing would come off or on. I was stuck between forms & clothing (I had my tiny bulldog head on a large persons body. Frightening yet funny all at the same time.) As I attempt right now I am a little “wisp”. Or as I like to see it I am a “ball of pure drunken energy”.

Bow Down Before Your Evil Goddess Of Fog

Maybe I should use this to my advantage. “There she goes…that evil drunken goddess of fog & lag. All we can hear is the clink of her olive against her martini glass. Her dark laugher hidden behind light. Fear her. FEAR HER!!!!!!!!!

Nah…I have other things to do today rather than overtake virtual civilization as a puff of smoke.

Do you get as frustrated as I do sometimes with the way Second Life likes to go all “loopy” on you? It has been years since I’ve teleported to find a shoe & my hair stuck up my ass. This use to happen often back in the day as well as “RUTH-gate”. Lately it’s been wisps of foggy whatever, issues with purchases, & things not attaching/detaching.

It’s enough to make me smash my face into my keyboard.

Bugs, lag, avatar issues…..why am I here exactly? Maybe I am really just into the virtual punishment.

So…I’ve relogged a few times. I’ve cleared stuff. I’ve reset stuff. Tried this trick & that. Blah blah blah. Nothing has worked.

Hopefully I can get my work done so you’ll have fresh new shit to read from us this weekend.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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