Tipsy For Virtual President

I am formally running for our first ever Second Life President. This makes me want to scream from the top of a broken down alleyway building amongst the garbage & stench “I’M ALIVE!

“I’m alive” makes me think of two things. The movie “Xanadu” where we were thrown into a world of disco & roller skating. The second is a song by “Goldfrapp“.

I am staking my claim in a run for virtual president of our great virtual nation we call Second life.

You heard me right. I’m running for virtual president of Second Life.

Waaaaa? There is no such thing. BAH!!! Who cares! There should be!


Why the fuck not? Because it is high time we have someone who is not kissing ass to our great virtual nation. Someone who actually gives a shit about the common avatar. The unusual avatar. The weird. The proud. The prim.  We don’t want the goody behaving avies who conform to what they think they should do or be. Fuck that shit. We want those who throw bottles at passing cars & screams “You don’t fucking get it. You fucking sheep. Be fucking original for once in your god damn fucking life!!”. (I already feel a kick ass Tipsy Curse count coming on tonight)

What do I want from the loyal voters of Second Life?

I’m not asking you to grief sims. For gods sakes its childish behavior. It’s annoying. It’s like throwing a pie in the face of an innocent bystander to get attention. It’s not going to work. It only makes you look both stupid & immature. You discriminate against groups of people with your immature “protest” against virtual society. You don’t even attempt to “protest” anything. You are a flat-out asshole. You make no impact except to express hate in a virtual world like someone who would defile something in our real world.

What I want from people is to be yourself. I don’t give a rats ass if so & so made a new pair of prim high heels that you MUST buy new outfits to match. I yawn at the conversation of going forth to a club that looks like the last club and the last club and the last club we’ve ALL fucking gone to. I vomit on the mention of a new “Shopping center”. I slit my wrists over the latest “Slut wear for the chick who feel the need to show her fucking pussy to every virtual male on every street corner.” I lay bleeding on your virtual street with prim garbage surrounding my dying body as you wear pants that have cheap ass prims that are supposed to look baggy as your ass flaps around in the wind.

I want change.

I want the creative people hiding behind their avatars to be more than what they are. People to break forth from a mold they feel they need to be to become what they actually want to be. I want lag to be a thing of the past. I want those who have left us because they cannot afford new computers to come back to us. I want a governing group of people who care more about its citizens then it’s “business connections”. I want something for the avatar by the avatar.

To hell with fucking bouncing tits & things that look “pretty”. We want something real. Something worth sticking around for.

We Want Respect! We Want Our Voices Heard. We Want To Make An Impact!

From this moment forward. I…”Tipsy” Cerulean Capalini…throw my martini into the virtual world arena to run for your first ever Second Life President.

Spread the word! Scream it from prim mountain tops! Make signs. Make your virtual voices be heard.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

(Currently working on signs & free virtual t-shirts for the cause. Any little bit helps!)


(Tipsy Curse Count: I only counted 16 curses in this post. Then again I’ve drunk, what amounts to, 12 beers AND a mojito. So I might be off by a few.)


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