My SL Campaign Promises

Since I have decided to throw my alcoholic hat into the non-existent virtual race for first every Second Life President I have decided to list my promises. (We will, together, make this non-existent race a reality!)

Vote For Tipsy

As your first elected president I promise that I shall do the following:

1. I will NOT stop drinking as your first every virtual Second Life President. I ask you fine citizens of our virtual world…what fun would that be? Tipsy always travels the grid with her booze tank on full.

2. I will not cater to the people who think they are important. I will not bow down to those who think they are “famous” because they built a store or designed a virtual animal that shits out another virtual money eating animal. I am here for the rest of us. The common Avie who likes to have fun.

3. I feel your pains. I do. We want positive changes to the grid. Not just the opportunity to have our fake tits jiggle.

4. I will always keep it real. I haven’t sugar-coated anything yet. I won’t start to do that either.

5. I honestly care about the well-being of our great virtual nation.

Now that we have our campaign promises in order I really need to come up with a campaign tour. And t-shirts. Gotta have t-shirts. For now you can visit the SLA Office & click on our presidential sign for our first post about running for president as well as a texture you can use to hang up signs in support.

If you want me to make a stop at your place as a part of my campaign trail drop me note card at the in-world office.

I really should hire a campaign manager.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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