Episode In Stupidity #10

The big ten-a-rino. The big ten-o-licious. I bet you didn’t think we could find so many lessons of Second Life stupidity did ya? If you are currently laughing your ass off at the previous sentence then high-five. Every day we log on to find something horrific or humorous. A prime example is the fact that I am currently sitting on a crop of SLupidity photos I have yet to write about. I have a few that I have yet to figure out now to safely censor without blacking out the whole photo.

It’s not easy to tastefully block out something the size of a station wagon.

Trust me.

Today’s example of SLupidty is this virtual breath of strip club air. Behold the power of Big Boob/Tiny Waist!!

Ms. Big Boob/Small Waist 2011

Tipsy here to tell you about the newest in breast popping Second Life fashion.

Behold the Corset Crusher!

Notice the slimming effects of a virtual corset. While it makes your waist the size of a prim pencil it can create the illusion that you are shoplifting two jumbo watermelons in your bra. Not only will this virtual corset gives you that great slim look but it also looks great while trolling for Johns or shopping at your favorite freebie fetish area.

Get yours today!!!!!!!!

Seriously…lets try to get serious here for a moment. (Sips her beer.)

Does anyone think this looks hot? I’m being serious here. Anyone? (Crickets) Anyone at all?

I am confused as to what these lines are on her legs.

Veins? Marker? WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY??????

They look like the lines you sometimes see on an avatar doll. The joint lines. This would make sense if there was some sort of indication that she was attempting to go with the doll look. With those boobies she might have been going for the blow up doll look but does not realize that blow up dolls don’t have lines like that. I did attempt to make her face more O like for the blow up doll look.

Glad I could help out.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tipsy Tip Of The Day:  Friends don’t let friends walk around in an outfit that could pop a button, killing a small club crowd.


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