Summer Office Switch

I get really bored looking at the same builds OVER and OVER again. So I’ve switched up the SLA Review office with a new look for the summer. A little office sitting on top of a cloud. No desks. Just a nice living room with plenty of booze where you can pick up info on the SLA & watch a bit of virtual television.

Drinking & Watching Virtual Television.

Would like to add a nice, drunken patio set for shits & giggles but I’m prim limited. Part due to the Meeroo slam article I wrote not too long ago. I’m selling her off to get my prims back. Only reason I have not destroyed her is due to the fact that she cost MORE THEN ENOUGH to write that damn article.

Had considered holding an office hour once a week. Should really do this while drinking. Till then it’s a catch me while you can kinda thing.

Feel free to visit the office, drop us a notecard, drink our booze, & watch our telly.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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