Happy Birthday Second Life

Second Life’s birthday is upon us. This year we are celebrating the big 8. Festivities started up this past Monday. (For a link to the SL8B Welcome Area click HERE)

This is my 5th year celebrating Second Life’s birthday. Last year I sat on top of the giant Second Life hand drinking a martini & talking to people as they passed below me. This year I’ve wandered around taking pictures to share with you so you can get a sense of the various sights to see. I had a bit of fun with a few of the pictures by using windlight.

Riding In A Spaceship

I started out wandering around as a half deer lady at SL8B. Then I remembered….duh…lag’s a bitch. So I went back to my usual tiny bulldog. I highly recommend, like with any large SL fest, to try to arm yourself with as little as possible. Prim & script wise. Easier to enjoy the fest if you’re not lagging through the displays.

Let There Be Fountains!!

After some initial lagging through items I was able to walk perfectly around. Some areas of the birthday celebration had more lag then others while I was wandering around. To be expected. It is Second Life after all.

Aliens Attack!!

I am digging this years birthday celebration more than last years. Maybe it was just me but last year seemed so boring. Corporate advertising is what it seemed to scream at me. This year feels different. It feels filled with creativity, art, imagination. Of course I’ve run into the items that are pretending to be something other than an advertisement for a product. (How many wedding places do I have to walk by?)

Oooo Pretty!

I am impressed with the creative exhibits by various Sims & charity organizations. They really stepped up their displays this year.

Raglan Shire Exhibit Rocks!

If you look carefully at the shire exhibit photo you can see me bouncing up & down on top of a giant pie. Both yummy & awesome!

I’ve been to a few dance parties, spoke to volunteers & party goers. Wandered many of the exhibits. The whole birthday celebration is massive! Sim after sim of things to look at. I highly recommend you check it out before the party is over.

As for drinking on top of the giant SL hand this year…I have to skip it. LL has made the symbolic SL hand absent this year. That just means I have to find something else to sit on top of & drink on.

I will be wandering around to glimpse at all of the exhibits & chat with everyone I see throughout the celebration. If you see me say hi. You never know if I’ll be furry, tiny, a deer, June Cleaver, or what.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Click HERE to visit.


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