How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer is an extremely busy time of the year for me. The time spent between going out of town, people coming into town, & getting ready for all of it is about a months time. My number one rule in life is that your Real Life should always come first over ANYTHING Second Life related. If it isn’t then you have serious issues that you need to get help with. Summer is my break from many RL & SL items. But…alas…the seasons change.

August has finally come & for me this means a really quick end to everything lazy Summer. Come next week it will be back to the grind. Dealing with other real life items that come with the changing seasons. This also means I will have way more time to discuss Second Life right here with you all. Let’s start out by recapping various SL related items before we get back to our normal SLA Review article grind.

*Second Life went all facebooky on us: Our Second Life profiles went all SUPER on us. More information. Posting comments on our own profiles then posting it on various social networks. Oooo fancy smancy. I have to say that the new SL profiles majorly kick Google+ ass.

There is something I do not like about the profiles. I want peoples Second Life information. It’s Second Life not the real world. I also have issue of sharing my own personal real life information in a virtual world. This is my personal preference. You remember the whole idea of “stranger danger”? Well…believe me when I say that I have had my fair share of internet stalkers both in our fine virtual world & in other areas of the world wide web. So I have issue with sharing anything about my real person to people I only know by a screen name. My solution: I’m just not going to stick my personal info on my profile. (Plus Side: I do like having my profile & twitter hooked up. I don’t overly use this feature as I feel it would be annoyingly tweet clogging.)

*Second Life Search: I’ve been wanting to throw in my two cents about the current SL search but haven’t had a chance. What to say…what to say….Meh. Just Meh. It’s getting better but it still doesn’t stay open when I transport. I am still forced to research for shit if the first place I go sucks ass. This has made me use the website search while in-world since it is easier. What I don’t like about having to do this is that there should be NO REASON why I would even remotely need to do this. So…So close yet so far on the searching.

Since the summer is officially ending for me next week I am hoping to get back into the official SLA Review swing of things the middle of August.

It’s nice to be back (Holds Up A Martini)


“Tipsy” Cerulean



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