Things Are About To Get Mesh-y

Mesh has finally hit the main grid of Second Life. After MONTHS of hearing about the almost God-like worship over the almighty mesh normal, everyday avatars have a chance to try it out. (No more trying to screw around with it in beta). Not all viewers currently support mesh. Of course the LL viewer does. I’m thinking that it will probably look really weird for those not using it when someone is wearing a mesh dress.

Today I decided to wander the grid wearing a mesh dress to see if it was a pretty neato idea. The key to wearing mesh is the fact that you cannot modify it. Before purchasing any mesh items you are planning on wearing make sure that you grab a demo of it first. With that said I settled on a dress that was just released from Jane. If you are a reader of various SL fashion blogs you’ve probably noticed a LOT of them mentioning Jane & the mesh clothing items. Currently, from my searches, it’s been the easiest to find to test out. When I arrived at Jane it was jam-packed full of people wanting to test the demos. There were a few well-known clothing designers of Second Life who just happened to be in the store trying on demos.

I settled on this tank dress do to the fact that it doesn’t look half bad. I LOVE Jane clothing & they rarely disappoint in the clothing department.

Prim Donuts: It's All Good Baby!

Mesh clothing looks pretty damn good on. We have to give it that. I do see a few issues that will take us all a while to get around/figure out/bang our heads into the desk before we can solve such new & exciting issues. (If an issue can actually be exciting.)

Walking looks great from the front yet funky from behind at times. I think this depends on your body shape. I hate stick legs on avatars on SL. It looks cartoon anorexic. So I keep my legs at a good place between gigantic thigh monsters & anorexic swimsuit model. This causes my legs to pop out the back of the dress when I walk. Not a huge deal as this can happen with a lot of non-mesh items. But…with a non-mesh dress we have wonderful prim pants to make things look a little more smooth when we move about.

Do have to say that my butt looks really big for some strange reason. I don’t have my butt sliders (Ahh hahahaha butt sliders! Come on…gotta laugh at that!) way up. Funky.

Boobies! Hehe…boobies. No..not just saying the word “Boobies” for shits & giggles here people. We are going to have an adult conversation about breasts (Hehe…breasts). To wear this mesh dress I need to wear an alpha under it. The alpha makes my thighs, stomach, & part of my breasts disappear. When I put the dress on…TADA…we covered those bits! Or we kinda did. When I stand still in certain poses it’s good. Others, if you were to look closely from the side or even from above you can see this slight blank spot where skin should be. Different stand poses make us stand in different ways. This will probably differ from avie to avie since we all mix up the standing to suit our tastes. Also….wait a min…why would anyone want to look at me from above exactly…pervs…

Damn Perverts!

If we do a upskirt shot…nope…sorry…not taking a picture folks. Use your damn imagination (ImagiNATIONNNN). There will be no wearing of panties here people. If you look straight up the dress from underneath you can see straight to my head. (Insert bad dirty jokes here). Since I am wearing an alpha it blanks everything else out. I highly doubt this would matter to most people (except upskirt shot freaks) but thought it was worth mentioning.

I’ve tried out various sits on various items because I had read somewhere that “Sitting is so much better because the garment moves with you.” or something like that. Yes it does move with me. I had a few sits where my leg popped out of the top of the dress. Some where the dress still morphed into the couch. Others where the dress moved nicely to crinkle in & out of my skin. I know…body shape makes a difference. Meh.

Politely Sitting Quietly.

Oooo…we can’t forget to quickly mention dancing. Dancing looks like dancing. The dress moves a bit better with me then some. You still get some stuff popping out here & there but hell…you’re dancing.

What can I say about mesh? I am pretty excited to see what people create with mesh. It can only get better from the first attempts at bringing it to the entire grid. I am not knocking Jane in any way because I happen to really enjoy their fashions. I also, contrary to what you might think, actually like this mesh dress. It has any little problems that anything else you buy to wear on the grid does. I really dislike the fact that I cannot modify it to suit my body type. That isn’t the fault of the store. It’s just the way it is.

I do not want to modify my body to fit various mesh outfits or worn items. I happen to really like the current shape that I have. I don’t want to currently change it. You become attached to a certain look your avatar puts forth into the virtual world because it expresses who you are. I hope that we will be able to work around body shape, as well as walks/sits/stands, to make mesh look a little smoothly on every avatar in the future.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. I am currently looking for a full mesh avatar to check out. I did see one on the marketplace that is free that I might check out & report back on. I am also looking for anyone who has experimented with mesh houses as well as furniture. The houses interest me greatly.

Drunk Dancing Is The New Something Or Other.

Location: Bumble Cafe (I had a prim donut while I was there. And left a tip. Cute place!)

Dress: Jane (Tank Dress. Comes in various colors.)

All pictures are just cropped. No Photoshop used. I don’t do that kinda thing. Doesn’t show what SL actually looks like.


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