Club Guide #1

My first weekend of club hopping using the 30 second rule to bring you quick club reviews was a semi bust. I am blaming this one on Hurricane Irene. It’s kinda hard to visit many clubs to write about when you don’t have any power. It’s Sunday evening & we finally have stable power back. I would like to thank my family, booze, & a generator for getting us through yesterday (As well as Bishop’s idea to find donuts during the storm). Next weekend sounds very promising when it comes to wandering the SL club scene. As long as we don’t decide to have anymore hurricanes (or earthquakes).

Both clubs I found using the event calendar. I went during event times to make sure that there were people as well as employees at the club.

Eclipse (Sign at landing point said “Lava Night Club”) Mature: I rezzed into a mall. Meh. Malls. Once the world appeared it was very easy to find the club itself. Nothing stands out about the place. I am assuming that the entrance path as well as flooring  is an attempt at the lava in “Lava Club”. I gave this club two full minutes of my time. I was opening a beer & drinking said beer during this time so they were lucky to get more than 30 seconds. In this time people came in & were greeted. I was never greeted by any employee or DJ at the club. Hmmm…OK. There was nada for conversations going on. Yes there were people there. No there wasn’t a single word uttered by the flock of dancing avies. If you were in a real club wouldn’t that be creepy? Pounding rhythms & stunning silence on the dance floor. I’m out of here. Not impressed.

Roadhouse Dreams (Mature):  I rezzed into a parking lot. It’s not a mall. Huzzah! I see a few country store looking buildings but they are not all “Up In My Grill”. The building looks like a country bar. I am half expecting cowboy boots, bull riding, & a lot of “Yeeee Hawwws”. I’m actually wrong. It’s more of a biker bar. Less country more rock (& whatever else the DJ decides to throw in there). It took less then 30 seconds for an employee to say hello to me. Nice! Instead of boot scoot boogie we have stripper poles along a long stage. Strippers doing their “forbidden pole swing” for tips. Making the best of things by rpg-ing their dancing & tip receiving. The DJ has one of those laughs that makes you cringe but she played “Bang The Gong”. This song ends up being seriously funny to someone who is very drunk. My annoyance of the evening is gestures. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Gesture heavy man! My screen is filling up at an alarming rate. Character devil horns & woo after woo. I can really live without this shit. What do I always say people? People who overly use gestures are just making up for the fact that they are absolutely worthless in the conversation department. All in all I would say that this place doesn’t stand out anymore then many other biker/stripper bars. I am impressed by how friendly the staff was. You make tips when you treat your customers good!  They did keep me around for a while to people watch. They seemed to be enjoying themselves (as well as their gestures.) At least they were having a blast!

Went Back To Take Picture & They Were Packed Then Also.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tipsy Tip Of The Day: I really think that the 30 Second Rule can help anyone when club hopping on Second Life. If they fail to impress you in this time frame then why waste your time hanging out? Especially where there are SO MANY clubs on SL.


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