Zexpo 2011

Zexpo 2011 makes me think of Zex. I mean sex. Whatever. Zindra. Adult area of Second Life. I’ve been to Zindra expos before. SEX SEX & more SEX! This fest really isn’t about sex. Yeah…I know! I did see a virtual dick. Meh.

The Sex..Zex…gah...Zexpo 2011 goes on until Sept. 4th. When you teleport in be sure to grab an “Ultimate Guide”. Jam packed full of information pertaining to said Se..Zexpo. If you feel some really weird urge to stay at the the Zexpo there are hotel rooms for rent. (Have to give kudos to having a realistic convention feel.)

Umm..Yeah..Riding An Elephant.

The decor is early basic crayon box. The ramps make me want to skateboard the area. The theme is “Biggest Mall Of Second Life”. I must say I did a LOT of items pointing me towards the wonders of owning a prim baby. I did see a showing of “Historie De O”. (Great classic movie. The novel was a wonderful read.) There were also showings of various X rated machinima. In my personal opinion the Sex…Zex…whatever…in this expo wasn’t there. A photo contest of people with their prim babies. Yeah. You’ve lost your dirty edge. And SL…thats fucking sad.

Found Desert! Now Where The Hell Is The Booze?

I must have come at a slow time as I ran into a total of four people while wandering around. If you want to check it you have until Sept. 4th.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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