Club Guide #2

The weekend is upon us. Lil Ol’ virtual avatars are getting all gussied up to hit the virtual club scene. Last weekend I hit up a bunch of various clubs to give you my review on what’s hot & what is nothing but prim crap. I am currently staring at the notes I made in-world on various clubs & am a tad bit pissed off at them. I crashed during my club tour & lost half of my notes in the process. So this weeks won’t have as many as  I would have liked. Yeah…I periodically Tipsy. Do you constantly remember to hit the save?

Hope that these few that I did mention to salvage help you decide on where you want to start (or end) your virtual shindig this weekend.

Club Nightfire (M)

This is your typical fire & brimstone fare. “Oh look at us we used a fire texture that MOVES! Dude we are sooooo evil.” I was greeted by a damn automatic greeter. Cheese. There is an event going on. Could I get a real person to say hi to me? Maybe someone will say hi. Hello? Anyone? Hallooooo? I had no interaction with any club members, staff, etc. Gestures came in as soon as I popped in. Wave after wave of gesture assault. Gestures taking the place of real interactions & gestures replacing actions. Gesture city. You know I LOVE that (dripping sarcasm). After two minutes I finally got a hello. While I was teleporting. Too little too late. FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!

The G Spot (M)

To those that think the G spot is a “myth” I found it. Yes sireeeee bob I found it. You would think that the G Spot would be an Adult kinda thing but I guess it’s only Mature. I wonder what “spot” is considered “adult” now. Hmmmmm….

Sorry! Getting off track here. I landed in a mall only to turn around & stare at a sculpture of a giant silver avatar with its legs spread. You need to walk through the legs to get into the dance floor. Sounds kinda kinky but really it’s not. Kinda looks more like a male trying to take a shit more than anything else. Maybe that’s what they were going for. Who am I to judge?

When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go!

Standard stripper, dance floor fare on a sandy beach overlooking the ocean. When I arrived it was completely packed. I walked forward towards the stage, over to the DJ booth, around the crowd, & swam through the crowd. No “Howdy” to be found. I thought they would see me walking through the large crowd but alas no. Will have to say that they were extremely packed when I was there. I am assuming a lot of people like to visit “The G Spot”.

Carnival Of Sins (M)

I rezzed into a mall 10 minutes into an event on a Friday night. I walked into the club to find that, alas, no one was there for their posted event time. I did a 36o & realized that the dance floor was in the middle of a mall. The name does state “& Mall” but I walked past a mall to only go into another with a dance floor. I quickly left.

Side Note: Because part of my notes weren’t saved I needed to wander back to get a SLURL to the club. As soon as I rezzed in someone shouted “Hi” to me. They are on the ball when it comes to saying hi when they are actually there. Still…it’s a dance floor in surrounded by commerce. Meh.

Swinging Banana (& MonkeyLick Island Shops) (M)

I teleported into, you guessed it, a mall. There was a lovely sign pointing me in the direction of the club. After the first sign comes another sign telling you to keep walking. After that is another sign. Then another. You get the picture. When I rezzed in I saw that I was 85m away from the closest club patron. This is not a straight shot to the dance floor. I had to follow a LOT of signs to get there.

Finally I made it to the club. LORDY LORDY I MADE IT! I would like to point out that the land itself is very pretty. The landscaping is nicely put together. They do have a lot of shops & stalls that are currently available for rent. The SLURL that I am posting from this club is from where I was standing at the side of the dance floor. I thought I would save you all a nice hike.

I was instantly greeted when I entered the club. I was told what the event was, the rules, etc. Even though I had to majorly hike my ass off & walk past shops this place is….weirdly pretty. Full of nature pretty. People had conversations. Real conversations. Laughed. Listened to music. There was real interaction between employees & patrons. Refreshing. Even though I had to hike my ass through shopping to the point where I almost said “fuck it” & left I stayed. I stayed do to the nice people who were there.

I was offered friendship by an employee. Sometimes I’ve noticed that club employees will ask you to be there friend just so that they can try & teleport you to their club during events at any time. Hopefully this isn’t the case BUT I will wait for them to say hello since they offered the friendship. Maybe I’m wrong. You never know.

I also took a picture of the club that I can’t freaking find at the moment. Yes…I’m bashing my head into my desk. Also trying to space things is being a pain on here today. I think it’s time for a beer.

I am off to hop a bunch of clubs this weekend using my 30 second rule. If you see me at your place you might just end up on my list. Will you make the grade or will I rip you a new one?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tipsy Tip Of The Day: Find something you find to be fun & just do it. Don’t settle. Go to a place you actually enjoy & party your ass off.

If you don’t know what the 30 second rule is then click HERE to find out.


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