Club Guide #3

Ahh yes! Once again it is Friday & many of you virtual creatures are looking for various Second Life clubs to spend a bit of time in over the weekend. Last weekend I hit up various clubs using the events calendar to bring you the finest (& crappy) clubs I experienced using the 30 second rule. Hopefully the words I put down on virtual paper will help you decide where to find your good time.

The hidden rock club. (M)

I was instantly teleported to the dance floor. Nice do to the fact I hate walking through a mall. Ohh Ohh…wait a minute…I’m in the middle of a mall. I mean…I ….well…there is shopping. It’s more of a “stick um up yer surrounded” assault by commerce. The dance floor is open in some sort of stone & trying to be evil kinda way. Therefore I can see the shops among the pillars of “beginner evil”. The stones & pillars honestly make me think of “beginner evil”. We’re trying but we’re just learning how to be evil. We haven’t hit supreme evil just yet.

I was instantly greeted as soon as I teleported in. Really no conversations going on nor any more interaction with staff but I do have to say that they were packed. SUPER packed full of avies dancing the night away. Gotta give them credit for packing people in.

I really dislike dancing while staring at various items for sale.

Mystic Blue Dance (M)
Showed up to an event 45 minutes into a 90 minute event.  No one here. No staff. No patrons. Instantly left.

Sweet Poison (M)
“What happens here stays here.”

“What’s your poison?”

Yeah. It seems to be a club motto. I was instantly greeting when I landed on the dance floor even before I rezzed in completely. After that there was no conversations occurring anywhere. Maybe it was because a sploder was ready to explode. Who knows.

It’s a simple dance floors with the typical items you would see around a club. Dance ball. Sploder. Nothing fancy. Very simple. It feels weird because you are completely surrounded by mountains. Actually it is more like 3 very sharply done land terraform sticking up & a fake flat mountain. I understand the use of land & mountain texture do to the fact that the land is surrounded by other properties. It’s an easy way to completely surround the club without any neighbor views.

We're Surrounded!

There were people dancing away. They just didn’t speak to each other. Private IM’s maybe. No clue.

Hopefully this weeks club guide gives you a bit of an idea for your weekend club hopping hoopla. What will I be doing? Why I shall put on something snazzy, grab a drink, & club hop to bring you information for next weekend. If you see me I might be writing about you.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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