My Favorite Internet Station

My favorite internet radio station is “Martini In The Morning“. I’ve been a listener near the beginning of their internet station origins. Second Life helped me to discover them. I know that a lot of Second Life clubs, especially jazz clubs, stream them in-world. Currently the stream in-world is done. I listen to the miracle martini player (which I recommend using to help them out) outside of Second Life so I did not realize it wasn’t working till a Second Life avie sent an email letting them know.

Now I know a LOT of clubs base their clubs around this radio station. Without the stream it makes life hard on them. Instead of complaining people need to point others to the station. To their website so that they can give their support to keep the music flowing. Instead of taking something for free or not sharing with others where you get your music you need to give. Share with others so you can keep playing the music in your clubs. Without support not only will you be out a radio station but those of us who listen every day will be out of their favorite music.

To help I made a sign pointing people to MITM & asking them to support the greatest music ever written (Jazz Standards). You can pick up your copy for free HERE or send me a message for a copy.

When the people of Second Life put their little avie heads together we do good work for others. Let’s help them out.

Please help to keep Martini In The Morning bringing all of us, both in & out of world, good tunes.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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  1. […] coal. They don’t deserve it. (See Mr. Prim Claus! I’m a helper!) I also asked people to support my favorite internet radio station, be kind to others, & not to prim litter. I do have references if needed. I Learned To Write In […]

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