Club Guide #4

Once again it’s Friday. Time to roll out a few Second Life clubs I used my 30 second rule on to help you plan your virtual weekend.

Mostly Harmless
As I rezzed into this club Marvin the paranoid android greets me. Of course he’s complaining. After having a few drinks before even showing up to this club I was highly amused. I look around to notice that I’m standing on a space ship. The dance floor is super easy to find (right next to where you tp in). I like it when I don’t need a map/compass/backpack full of gear to find where the hell the dance floor is. The dance floor was jam-packed full of avies dancing & having a good time. As soon as I stepped foot onto the dance floor I was greeted. I was greeted by quite a few people. “Can’t Touch This” was playing as I wandered around. This made me giggle when it was followed by “Wild Thing”. The people were actually chatting & having fun. The space ship decor is nicely done. I can see shopping but it is on a different deck above the dance floor. It’s actually surrounding the dance floor on all sides. That killed my sci-fi mood right then & there.  I do have to say that I am a sucker for anything “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” related but shopping kills all of the nice space decor any day.

TaPaLaYa Club Entertainment
As I teleported in I was hit with a pop up offering me a rose. I denied the automatic gift & took a peek around. Wow. They did a great job of decorating this place. The name “TaPaLaYa” doesn’t do this place justice. I am not exactly sure what I was expecting but I was not expecting a park like setting. The dance floor is pretty. I’m surrounded by trees. I can sit on a tree swing if I feel like it. I’m not surrounded by a mall. I was even instantly greeted when I arrived. They are a brand new club so I recommend checking them out. So far it looks pretty well put together. I could do without the rain of particles that likes to hail down upon you. Keep it simple people. Some people might not be able to handle the constant particles.  Hopefully they build on this & don’t screw around.

Soul Seduction
I found this club via the events calendar. This means that I went off of the teleport that was included with the event info. I ended up on a “Unblockable Waterfront Mainland For Sale”. Hmmm….no club. The teleport was WAY off as there was nothing here. (I flew around). I had to find the club by looking at the profile of the individual who created the event listing.

Grumbles…OK..mistakes happen.

As I teleported into the club, after finally finding it (my detective skills rock if you didn’t know), I was greeted instantly. I was also bombarded by two group invites by two separate people at the same time. Jeesh. Come on. Let a girl rez in before you hit me with it. I declined the invites do to the fact that I don’t take group invites “Out Of The Blue”. Especially when I had never been there before let alone even had time to rez. The motif is gothic vampire castle room. I was wearing bright colors so I stood out in a sea of leather clad avies like a beehive at a bald convention (What does that even mean?) No one really said a word to anyone else unless it was in gesture form. There was a LOT of GESTUREsations. (Oooo I made up a new word. GESTUREsations – Conversing in Second Life by only using gestures.) What I couldn’t get over was the fact that the people who were working the club sounded like carnival barkers. “Step Right Up! Tip your DJ. Teleport your friends. Get ya tips in!” I’m not joking. It was a constant TP/TIP reminder. We’re not talking once every few minutes here people. I’m talking CONSTANTLY. Yes…I was actually shaking my head as I teleported out.

Legit Complaint – So..we are going to a lot of “bars” on Second Life. Where exactly are the bars? I mean don’t normal real life “bars” actually have a place in it that serves drinks? The main reason for using the word “bar” when describing your place. If you decide to associate your business with the word “bar” then actually put one in it.

I hope this weeks club guide gives you a wee bit of help when deciding where to party this weekend.

I found booze! Hehe...Prim candles your bottoms showing! HAHA!

“Tipsy” (I could use a beer) Cerulean


One response

  1. Hi Tipsy!

    I’m a manager at Mostly Harmless, and if I’m not mistaken, I was the host on the night you visited us! Thank you so much for mentioning our club and for your kind words. I’m glad you had a good time! Don’t be a stranger, I love my fellow Hitchiker’s fans!

    Never forget where your towel is,
    Teena ❤

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