Club Guide #5

It’s Friday! Whooo Haa! I’m all back & stuff to give you a quick rundown of clubs using the 30 second rule. Gives me something to do on the weekends while wandering the grid. I hope it’s helping a few of you out when figuring what to do.

This week we are going a wee bit fancy with two formal clubs. Proper attire is required folks.

The Starlight Room

When I teleported in I needed to walk up some steps to get to a sign to teleport to the club in the sky. The tp I’ve supplied for this club puts you right next to the bar. Hopefully you don’t end up landing on a bar stool, a patron, or the bar itself.

When I teleported below the  club I stood there for a second in front of the teleport sign (I was making a real life drink). After about a minute someone asked me if I needed a tp upstairs. I thought that was very nice of them to offer. This policy probably works very well for avies who have no clue what the hell they are doing. When I did, finally, go upstairs I was greeted by a sea of smiling employees. Thank you for the lovely hello’s.
I enjoy the decor of this club. Hmm…lounge is a better word. I enjoy the decor of this lounge. It’s a tad bit gaudy for my tastes (but that’s 100 percent my style opinion) but it’s simple & to the point. I like that.  The biggest jaw dropper for me was the lack of shopping. No shopping! OH MY GOD! There is no shopping around the dance floor. I may just die happy. Of course there are particles floating around in a torrential downpour of glitter. Not a biggy if you know how to turn particles off. (To turn particles off:  advanced, rendering types, particles.)

My favorite part of this lounge is the fact that the  skybox for the dance floor is a giant piano. How cool is that? It’s not weird or out-of-place. It’s fitting for a fancy/formal lounge that plays slow music.  I would also like to point out that there is a bar. An honest to god bar. WOW..a bar…that has booze. Thank you jebus. Thank you.

Hey Guys! I found a bar with actually booze on it!

Remember this is a place that asks for formal dress attire. Mature area. (Did have a real treat in watching an individual  in a titty top & micro mini showing up. OOOO a show! They quickly left.)

Smooth Jazz club & Lounge.

I teleported into a mall. Wow. Big surprise Second Life. Wow me & stuff why don’t ya. I really like the music. Standards. Big bad. I am an absolute jazz fiend (if you didn’t already know that) I give props to the music but I dislike the decor. It’s red. Really Red. Very early SL texture red. It’s…blah. Super blah blah. Add the fact that there is a quiz ball asking trivia questions while listening to the greatest music ever written ruins the mood for me. The best male/female signs that are hanging up are from when I started SL almost 5 years ago. No one said hi to me at all. Even though there are many people working. Only plus….the music & the fact that they actually have a bar. Wait a minute. There are no drinks on the bar. Nothing gives me drinks. There is a tip jar. Nevermind The bar is a fake. I call fake. FAKE! Sighs….hopes dashed over the lack of a prim martini. So sad. At least the music was good. One plus.

Hmm. Wasn’t this place named something else at one time. Sweethearts or something like that? And yeah…a bar with no booze. What the hell people!!!

Have a wonderful, fun filled, super Second Life weekend!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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