Special Weather Report

Thunderstorm warning is currently in effect for parts of the Mature Grid until 6am SLT.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE! For the love of everything virtual…DON’T PANIC!

Don't Forget Your Umbrella!

A weather front is coming in from the virtual east that may bring heavy downpours to some parts of the grid. Teleport visibility may only be up to 10m so be careful when traveling. Heavy rain & fog is expected to die down around 9am SLT.  Exits can be found at the front & rear of the plane. Your seat can be used as a floatation device. Stop, drop & roll.  Never run with scissors.

Someone Bring In The Deck Chairs! AHHHH!!!

The rest of the day will be a typical SLsunny day with shorts bursts of daytime followed by short bursts of nighttime all day…umm…time….yeah…

“Tipsy” (Your virtual weather girl) Cerulean

(All pictures were taken using windlight & rain effects. Ain’t virtual worlds neat & stuff y’all?)


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