Halloween Virtual Style

I have two interesting Halloween places to discuss today that will help you get your spooky weekend on. Halloween is only a few days away & you can’t ignore all of the great places to visit to get you into the spirit of the holiday. I went with the easiest word, Halloween, to find these two places in search just to show that it’s a piece of pumpkin pie (See what I did there? Instead of cake I said pumpkin pie. Get it? Get it? Nevermind.) to get your ghosts & goblin on.

Halloween Town (Mature)

Halloween Town is modeled after the great movie “Nightmare Before Christmas”. I really dig this movie so naturally I thought I would give it a spin. The area itself is really small. Worth a peek if you dig the movie but still very small. I give an A for prim effort on this one. You can wander around & peek at various little shops selling Halloween related items. In one small shopping area I did find something called “Skeleton Sex Series” for 1500L. Ummm…what? OK. If you’ve always wanted something that involves “Skeleton” & Sex in one package then I guess that’s the box for you. There are also other various items like tombstones, pumpkins, evil clowns.

I hate clowns.

There is a sign when you start walking around that has your rules of the sim. No selling stuff, harassing, asking for Lindens. Don’t pretend to be the sim owners. The usual. The sim itself is open for you to rez items as long as you pick up after yourself. Pretty awesome if you want to check out your scary purchases. I do have to say that the sim does remind me of “Nightmare Before Christmas.”.

Halloween Trail (G)

I have written about the Aero Pine Park & Recreation Area in the past. This is one of my favorite park related areas of Second Life that I enjoy virtually riding my bicycle around. The above SLurl will take you to the hilltop crematorium where you can get your body burning on. I recommend bringing your friends with you if you are into playing dead. (Get it…creamatorium…playing dead…Nevermind…)

Replacing Blood With Booze Just Got Easier!

The entire park has been set up as a Halloween trail. There are various areas like “Cannibal Island” & “The Chop Shop” for you to explore as well as an events area & Halloween shop. To get a map of the park as well as landmarks to various hauntings then go downstairs from the crematorium into the bike shop. There you will find a map for sale for 0L. The landmarks come in handy if you just want to teleport to each of the areas. I, personally, think you will have more fun if you either walk the trails or bike them to each destination. If you don’t have a bicycle to ride then you can find one HERE. They are currently selling a Halloween trail bike for 50 Lindens.

Don’t expect to do the whole park in a few minutes. Make sure you can spend some time at the park to really experience everything they have to offer.  This is time well spent if you are looking for a few hours of Second Life Halloween fun.

The 5th Annual Halloween Trail will be up until November 6th. It’s worth your time to come.

Have You Recycled A Bad Avie Today?

Have A Wonderfully Scary SL Weekend!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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