Computer Red Alert

I had some SERIOUS computer issues this past week. Lucky for me I am still under warranty for quite some time. After fixing my first problem (which took an hour on the phone with tech support) we moved onto my next problem (which took over two hours). To make a long story short (too late) I am currently waiting for a recovery disk to completely reset my computer.


This means I am making notes of programs I need to reinstall after I do this (probably this weekend). I’m taking a LOT of my Second Life photos that I haven’t used in reviews that are just ones I have held onto & throwing them into Flickr. (You can come check out the pictures I am throwing in there HERE.) I am also making a shitload (Pardon my language but a shitload does describe it) of rough drafts for upcoming articles so I don’t lose pictures/notes/info./sanity after I reset everything.

I am buying a Mac for my next computer. This crap turned me.

Technology. What a fucking pain in the ass.

Plus part is my graphic stuff will once again ROCK. Woo. Also my computer is not down. I can still roam SL. Write. Drink. (Wait. I can always do that.)

Letting you know what the score is peeps & peep-ettes & marshmallow peeps (Marshmallow peeps. Fun to squish. Fun to microwave. Taste like garbage sugar. Peeps!)

I had better get to work on the MASSIVE amounts of drafts (among other things) I need to do.

Hard At...zzzzzzz......

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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