SLupidity #13

Lucky 13. Nice.

We are going to completely get serious about this weeks episode in SLupidity. Everyone needs to put on a serious, hard-working face while we pick apart each aspect of this avies issues.

Happy Dick Is Happy

OK. I can’t really expect anyone to get serious about this hunk of naked virtual man flesh. To the untrained eye it might seem, to those that really dig this sort of thing, that this guy is a hot piece of virtual man ass. To my keen eye & trained ripping apart skills I see a poorly proportioned naked cry for help. Not the kind of “poor soul” you want to just hug & say “It’s gonna be alright”. NO! The type of avatar you just want to crotch kick & ask them if they need help realistically proportioning their gorilla muscles into something that looks semi decent.

The necklace…has to go. Maybe it looks nice on an avatar who is wearing clothing but on one with his naked moobies hanging out it looks sad. Moving from the moobies to the arms it looks like someone inflated them to the point of popping. My God! Have you even bothered to look at your tiny little girl hands holding your “cool” weapons? Did you honestly think it looked “manly”? The guns scream dangerous. The hands scream dainty.

Underneath the crotch happy face is something I like to call “Mr. Overcompensation”. Mr. Overcompensation hangs down around this particular avatars knees. It is large. It is very pale. It could be considered dangerous if not used properly. Oh Mr. Overcompensation you always make penis jokes easier to write but hard to swallow at times. (Baaaa dum dum ching! Thank you! Don’t forget to tip your wait staff.)

Just like your arms your thighs look like someone went crazy with a bike pump. It’s not muscular as much as it is bulging & ready to explode. Your poor bulbous calves are barely able to hold them up. I foresee leg pain in your near future.

This avatar has yet to get the all important memo when it comes to shoes & socks. The higher your socks go the older you are. Judging from this avatars socks he is not yet of retirement age due to the fact that they do not go over/or to his knees. He is currently at the mid-life virtual motorcycle buying portion of his life. Are those shoes? Are they boots? What the fuck are they?

Alright moose neck. I hope you have learned something from today’s lesson in SLupidity. You don’t look like a muscle man. Your arms & thighs may explode under pressure. Please remember to keep “Mr. Overcompensation” in your pants. And for fucks sake…pull your damn socks down.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Definition Of SLupidity: Word created by “Tipsy” Cerulean

Something insanely stupid that can be found on Second Life. Something that makes your head sometimes hit your desk in awe.

SLupid, SLupidly.

“The sheer size of your upper arms compared to your dainty girl hands looks plain SLupid.”



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