What’s Up With Your Putty Face?

There seems to be some sort of movement within Second Life where fashion models seen in pictures have gravitated towards some sort of “putty face”. I’ve tried to come up with a better way to describe it. Chipmunk doesn’t do it justice. Droopy is a pretty good description. Bishop likes to fondly call it the face of a “Hipster wax candle. It’s melty. It’s like a plate of super nachos. Super cheese.”

So you can get an idea of what the hell I am talking about I took a picture of a putty face example.

Let Me Introduce You To Putty Face

If you don’t believe me then check out various Second Life fashion sites. Both the skin & body shape were found in popular SL shops often featured on many sites. Oh..Oh trust me on this one. Oh boy yes. I’ve seen WAY worse than my example being passed around like a sexy hot potato (What the hell does that even mean?) in the fashion circles.

Stop! Putty Time! Why do I look like I have a cold constantly? It looks like I might snot out a booger baby.

I may have grossed myself out with that one. Ugg….

Sorry…let’s get back to what we were talking about.

I understand that not everyone wants to look like plastic idea of a woman on SL. Some people don’t even want to be human for that matter. (Rock on with your own style baby!) Personal opinion is your own. My personal opinion is one of distaste for the putty face look. I don’t understand this constant use of an avatar with droopy cheeks, weird shaped limbs, pale skin, & a need to look like a cracked out whore. You don’t look good. You look the opposite of good which would be, you guessed it, bad. Really bad. There is no sexy thought to your avatar.  No thought into how it looks when showing off fashion.

In the words of the almighty internet…WTF….

Amen…or some shit like that. Whatever. Carry on.

You may think there is some sort of sexy/pout/innocent look you are trying to achieve with this but there really isn’t. No…really. For fuc…gah…just…grr….LOOK AT YOURSELF ALREADY! When you attempt to use your “putty face” to show off various fashions people tend to spend most of their time laughing while flipping through sites. I know Bishop & I have. Multiple times.

It, personally speaking, looks like complete shit.

What people need to remember when looking though the various pretty pictures of people strutting the latest in virtual fashions is the fact that there is a little thing called Photoshop. )I crop & write on pictures. That’s all you get baby. I don’t edit away from what it really looks like. Windlights my only friend sweetums.) When someone “cleans up lines” or whatever it’s not real. Not like SL is real in the first place (GAH! My head hurts!). You know what I mean. It’s not what you actually see on your screen. When I see a putty face in a pose….(give me a second…damn impatient…I’m throwing up an example right now…)

Strike A Putty Pose....

or whatever it should be EXACTLY what I would actually see if I was standing/sitting/wearing/taking a shi..you get the idea. What I would really see, in the case of Tipsy Vs. Putty Face, is no matter how much you want to clean up lines or fix hems…it still looks like face melting, eyeball gouging, cheesetastic laughter, pile of shit.

I am the, yeah go ahead & be surprised, the most open person when it comes to being yourself on Second Life (Also in Real Life. I’m a hoot.). You will probably never know anyone in this whole virtual world that loves everyone from the tiny to the furry to the unclassified. I think you all completely rock. If you really took the time to know me or actually know me then you know how “fight the fucking power/screw bullshit labels/live my own life” I am. What I am getting at is this. Putty face…OH OH Putty face (sings a ditty). I am trying to grasp at what your purpose is in the fashion world. (Other then to make myself & Bishop laugh) You want to play the part of a model/fashion model/designer/famous fashion editor/ass kisser. I don’t get it. Are you blind? Are you attracted to drugged out pieces of dough? Does spiked yeast excite you? Do you follow some lame ass “celebutard of Second Life” who deemed this a fashion worthy look?  (If you did then we need to talk. There are no virtual gods honey. Only virtual sheep.)

My brain hurts. And I need a drink.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

(Thank You “St.” Bishop for laughing with me for quite a long time before giving me some commentary on today’s musings. Gotta love nothing better then giggling at the insanity.)


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  1. […] would like to give a fashion failure award to the droopy, melty face, putty models of Second Life. This could possibly be one of the WORST fashion trends I have seen in a long time. When combined […]

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