To Fair Or Not To Fair

As you have all probably noticed (If you read various SL fashion blogs, publications, have seen the smoke signals, caught a glimpse in search, so on & so forth) the Vintage Fair is currently happening in Second Life. It is currently going until December 3rd.

A long while back I wrote about another SL fashion related fair (You can check it out HERE). Fairs that involve fashion, for the most part, are absolute horse shit. It lags. It’s packed to the point you can’t even tp in. If you can walk then you must have some sort of virtual magic dust you’re soaking in just to take a few steps. Second Life fashion bloggers go gaga trying to show you the latest in fair fashions, which many (not all) got review copies or previewed the fair, while the rest of us can barely make a sign rez. Most of the time it isn’t even worth thinking about let alone trying to go to.

I wasn’t going to write anything about the Vintage Fair. Fashion fairs anger me do to their organized attempt that fails to make things work. I am absolutely in love with anything that is retro/vintage. Ninety percent of my fashion inventory is vintage. It seemed like I had an obligation to get all sorts of pissed off. I’m here to serve.

I first tried going to the Vintage Fair the second they opened. I know this is the biggest time people will try to mass tp in. I wanted to see exactly how long it would take. It took me 15 minutes of trying. As soon as I entered I couldn’t move. Understandable do to the 5 million (give or take a million) people landing all over each other. There has been nothing but visits that involve using camera controls to see since you cannot move.  Sims crashing do to issues. I’ve even looked at a map of the fair just so I could try to plan some way to get to one damn store I want to check out. I have been successful one time when attempting to fly around the fair. Things took a long time to rez in but I was at least able to walk. I am thinking this was only because it was six o’clock in the morning.

This brings me to a very valid point that I CANNOT stress enough when you are crazy enough to even think about visiting a fashion related fair. You DO NOT need to wear your hair. Take it off. You DO NOT need to wear your shoes. Take them off. You do not need walk replacers, prim clothing, jewelery, or bling. Take them all off. To the person I saw wearing their combat system…what the fuck are you thinking? Take it all off. Duck walk in basic t-shirt & shorts. Or something to that extent. No one cares what you look like. They are just there to shop. If everyone would stop to think that the stuff they are wearing is not helping then maybe, just maybe, people could take a step or two.

Why does what you are wearing matter? Your avatar rendering cost affects the rendering performance of the viewer. Having a high rendering cost at such a high traffic event can cause lag to you & everyone around you. To find out what your rendering cost is you need to go to the advanced menu. To open it you need to hit ctrl+alt+D if you are using windows. (Same for Linux. For Mac it is ctrl opt D) In the advanced menu go to performance tools. Under performance tools you will see “Show Rendering Costs”. Click it. There you will see just how much your avatar is. Green is good. Red is bad. Real simple. If you take off your attachments, prims, etc & only leave on just a simple t-shirt & shorts you can get your avatar down to 100. This is perfect for going into an event such as the Vintage Fair. You’re not going to have hair or walk normally but it doesn’t matter when you’re just there to shop.

Now we come to the fun part. Oooo I love fun! I want to call out three large offenders of insanely high rendering costs at a busy fair. I want to point out that these individuals are not rezzed in completely in the pictures I took. It would have taken forever for them to show up completely. This is STRICTLY for educational purposes. I want you to see the insanity & understand what I am talking about.

Let me get this out-of-the-way first.

Disclaimer: This has NOTHING to do with anyone putting on the Vintage Fair. I am not a fan do to the stupidity of some people who attend but I am a big fan of vintage fashions.  This is to point out that having such a high rendering cost is ridiculous when attending such functions. I understand the difficulties of putting on such a large event & give props to those who have worked hard to do this. High avatar rendering costs effect everything, especially in any & all high traffic situations. I am hoping that, by pointing offenders out, I can educate others on the best way to make the experience awesome for themselves & everyone around them.

OK. Carry on.

Since I can’t start screaming “What the fuck people?!?!?!? What were you thinking wearing all of that to a high traffic fair!!! Idiots!!!” in the middle of the teleport this is the next best thing.

Coming in at 3rd place we have a male who I would like to refer to as “Mr. Cool Guy”.

Mr. Cool Guy Gets 3rd Place!

Coming in with a “cool” avatar rendering cost of 9040 he tells the world “I really don’t give a fuck if you can walk around or shop” in his currently grayed out yet fashionable, I am guessing, coat. Thank you Mr. Cool Guy for being Mr. Jackass!

In 2nd Place we have “Ms. I Have To Have Hair”!

In 2nd Place Is "Ms. I Have To Have Hair"!

Coming in at a gigantic 12390 avatar rendering cost Ms. I Have To Have Hair brushes it back to tell us that she does not care to be bald. The combination of boots, hair, skirt, & attitude tells us that she is only here to shop & to hell with everyone else. Thank you..Oh Thank You Ms. I Have To Have Hair.

Our 1st Place winner caught me by surprise. I got a picture then realized that I didn’t have the interface in pictures on. When I turned it on she disappeared. Lucky for her I wrote down her avatar rendering cost before she poofed.

I would like to present you with your first place winner, High Rendering Cost champion, Ms. Render November 2011. (The crowd goes wild!!!)

Ms. Render November 2011

Ms. Render November 2011 comes in with an avatar rendering cost of 13707. She passed our 2nd place winner by 1317. I would say that this is a large victory for our champion. Her “throwing caution to the prim wind” attitude tells us that she is here to look good no matter the rendering cost. Amazingly enough her stance tells us that she has no clue that no one can really see her as it takes to long for her entire ensemble to rez in. Congratulations Ms. Render November 2011. We would give you flowers & a crown for your victory but it would just skyrocket your already high score.

In all seriousness I understand that some people have absolutely no clue what an avatar rendering cost is let alone how to change it. This is why I cannot stress enough the importance of educating yourself on how to use all aspects of Second Life other than shopping & having sex (ZING!).

The Vintage Fair is currently underway until December 3rd. If you are into this kind of fashion fun & enjoy a good challenge then be sure to check it out.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tipsy Tip Of The Day: If you run into someone at a high traffic function & they have a high rendering cost than mute them. If you have “avatar imposters” enabled then you can mute an individual. This will make the individuals rendering cost only 1 for you. It can help you increase your framerates if you are having issues. Just remember that if you mute someone you cannot hear them, they will only appear gray to you, they cannot message you, nor can you see their conversation if they speak. Remember…you can always unmute people if you need to.


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