Christmas Review SLA Style

My goal for this virtual Christmas is to get at least one set of reviews on various Christmas areas in every week. Or at least a few. Tis the season to wear a prim scarf & look for virtual ice skating, snowball fights, & Prim Clause. You have to get your picture taken on Prim Claus every year. It’s the law. (OK. Not really).

On with they holiday merry-making & whatnot!

Snowflake Island Ice Skating (M)

The place is beautiful. Snow falling from the sky. Christmas music playing. Not a store was spotted. Not even a kiosk. (Hehe. Made myself giggle). There are free skates next to the frozen pond so you don’t have to worry about being able to afford the fancy footwear. (There is a donation thingy by the skates. Donate a little bit to help out if you grab some skates. It’s the nice thing to do.)

I named the little snowman "Chubby Flakes".

While I was visiting there was no one else around. The place felt very secluded which I think is perfect when you want to impress a date with a winter activity. I did have one issue while visiting. Security orb. When I stepped on the snow off the ice in once spot a security orb told me I was trespassing. I am assuming this is from someones home near the skating area. The place is in search open for all to visit. If you hit that spot just walk away from it & you will be fine.


Santa’s Naughty North Pole (A)

I had to go & review this place. Come on! Part of the name is “Naughty North Pole”! How can you not laugh at that then have to take a peek? Too funny to pass up people! Time to get your XXXmas on. Woooo!

I was wrong. Very wrong.

I was wrong with my thinking here folks. I was expecting to see something that involved a tied up reindeer & a candy cane dildo. How could you not think this when it’s an adult area saying they have sex then naming it what they did? Alas, to the relief of reindeer worldwide, there are no candy cane dildos. Instead it’s a beautiful skybox that is very well decorated to fit a classy & romantic Christmas evening. I’m not joking. Just look at this fireplace.

LOOK at this fireplace!??!!?!?!!

This was not something I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting anything that was well put together. Classical music. A nice bed. What the hell people?!?!?!? They even have nice food & a pretty Christmas tree!

The place is small & only has one bed. This is not a HO HO Orgy. This is more intimate. I recommend leaving if you see someone else using this skybox. It seems like the tasteful & polite thing to do. I was lucky in the fact that there was a nice gentleman here who was waiting for someone to arrive. If they would have been in a passionate embrace that was filled with “Holiday Cheer” I would have politely left. HO HO HOOOO YEAH BABY!


Misty Acres (G)

I wrote about this place at least three years ago. I remember coming here with friends constantly to ride rides, walk the park & just hang out. During the Christmas season we would have fun in the snow & ice skate around. I have pictures floating around somewhere of all of us having a good ol’ time. Good times. Past times.

Things have majorly changed (Or in some cases not so much) New decorations mixed in with the ones from years ago. The lag mixed with the few people who were there attempting to walk around. There was lag. Bad lag. Lag where no one was able to walk. Or walk in a straight line. Maybe it was just a bad time, the insane amount of blinking Christmas cheer, or Second Life doing a lag shuffle but nobody there could get their merriment on. All I could do was listen to holiday music they had playing & barely take this picture of a hot chocolate & cookie stand.


I would like to try again without walking into railings while watching others float away into the snowy distance. Watching a woman float on by a gazillion blinking lights while Santa silently watches on is fun the first couple of times you see it. After that it just gets plain boring. Hopefully the lag will die down so that this place can be explored fully.


Writing todays Christmas reviews got me in the mood to drink a Hot Chocolate. I’m not even cold. Damn you holidays! (Shakes fists) Daaammmmnn yoooouuuuu.

“Tipsy” Cerulean







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