Christmas Cow: A Love Story

OK. So there really isn’t a love story with a Christmas Cow. There is a cow wearing a Santa Hat. And he did promise to call me. Also the cow owes me 5L.

You Still Owe Me 5L Xmas Cow!

Instead of adding Christmas At Winter Holiday Village (G) to my “Christmas Reviews SLA Style” I decided to give them their own review. I ended up spending quite some time there taking pictures & trying to explore everything they had to offer. I do this, dear readers, for you baby. know I love ya.

This Christmas village is in a General area that happens to be a sim named “Prohibition”. The fact that I was carrying a martini the whole time I was there was hilarious. At least to me.


When you first teleport in you are greeted by some phantom almighty voice that can only be called “Santa Claus”. Almighty Santa informs us that the best setting is midnight with your particle count up (if able). I like playing around with windlight when taking pictures to make things different so I recommend checking out midnight as well as playing around with your windlight (once again if you can).  There is..bah…you know what…I’m just going to bullet point the highlights of the area. Lists are awesome. Makes things go better for everyone involved. GO TEAM!

I just feel that sometimes people bog you down with really boring details that no one gives a crap about when discussing a place. You just want to know what you can find there mixed in with a few tidbits on the awesome parts. Kinda like speeding through a movie to get to the KEEERRRR BOOMs.

We Have:

*Awesome ice skating. It’s not just some rinky dinky pond. You can actually skate around the pond, down a small river, under a bridge, into another pond full of polar bears, in a tunnel, see some penguins. You get the picture. The skating isn’t boring in less than a minute. There are skates for sale as well as free skates. Worthy Mention: They do have mesh ice skates for sale for 99L. I have not tried them out but thought it was worth a mention.

*Snowy carriage ride. Ooooo if you set to midnight & jump on a carriage ride with your honey bunches of prim luv muffins. This could be a great date idea.

*There are various snowy cabins in the village for you to check out. I did find out that some are not worth your time. They are either empty or barely have anything in them that are remotely noteworthy. I did find a cabin with a Greedy Greedy game & two that had fireplaces to hang out at. I recommend going left from the teleport to the first cabins if you are looking for a place to take someone for some classy privacy. (This is G rated people.)

*Of course, with most EVERYTHING in Second Life, you will find things for sale sprinkled all over the place. I can understand that sometimes people don’t know to go to the store to buy something so they place it among the decor so you can just purchase right there. Let me give you a little tip. Edit the item. Find out who made it. Check out their profile. WOW! You found the store. I know it’s a lot of work but I prefer to do that then see every item in an area for sale. I am giving this area a pass due to the fact that they did use their own decor. Also..I’m feeling a little Christmas giving. So I’ll give you a break. Just this once. There is a Christmas store that can be found directly behind you when you first teleport in. There you can find any holiday decorations that you are looking for. Worthy Mention: There is a Christmas tree lot set up next to the Christmas store if you are looking for a tree.

*Mrs. Claus’s retreat is pretty. You have a bridge. You have lights. You have a cave where Mrs. Claus (Who happens to be a bot avatar) hanging out at a table inside her retreat. There is a HUGE sign next to the table she is sitting at so you may buy the table. Meh to the sale item. Meh to Mrs. Claus. Why has Mrs. Claus been reduced to hanging out in a cave in the middle of the woods? The cave does have a door but it’s still a cave. I think Santa needs a raise or Mrs. Claus needs to hire a carpenter. Did I mention the bridge is…umm….pretty.

*I always recommend using your two (or in some cases 4, 6, 42) legs (flippers, paws…I love Second Life! Such diversity!) to get around a sim like this. If you are lazy or don’t have the time then there are teleport signs you can use to move around. There is one located at your start location as well as various points around the sim itself.

*You cannot have a Christmas related village without some sort of reindeer village. It’s just wrong. Lucky for me I made friends with a rein…wait…sorry! My bad. A Christmas cow. Mooooo & stuff.

Get On Your Cows And Ride!

He still owes me 5L damn it!

*There is a pengun park. Penguin. Pengun. Hmm..the sign says “Pengun Park”. I am assuming whoever was hired to paint the sign did not have a dictionary. Anywho..we have penguins to the left. Penguins to the right. (I am starting to hear techno music..doo cheee dooo chee dooo cheee). It’s a penguin party. Err “Pengun” party. (A keyboard plays one note constantly. The glo-sticks go wild.)

Get In Line Soldier!

*I couldn’t get the sled to work for me. It rezzed. Then I sat on it. That was about it. I screamed “GO SLED GO“. I said “Pretty please sled. You’re so perdy!”. I clicked on it. If I could have kicked it I would have. No dice people. No dice. Maybe it was just me & the sled didn’t feel like going “vrooooom” down a hill so I could feel the wind in the prim hair. I did get to take a balloon ride. Be warned that you drive this bad balloon boy yourself.


Overall: I would say it’s worth a visit just to check out the holiday cheer. It’s not a big wow factor. You know I’m a bitch when it comes to constantly being surrounded by stuff for sale. Mrs. Claus’s retreat seemed meh. Christmas cow is pretty funny. (But don’t lend him 5L. He doesn’t seem to pay you back.) I did forget to mention that I actually found where Santa Claus is located. Errr…where he should be located. I found something that looked like a Technicolor palace with elves. I saw a chair that looked like the Claus chair. No Santa! What?!!?!?!!? No Santa??!?!?

Check them out. It was fun to giggle at some of the stuff while attempting not to crash my balloon. Sometimes fun isn’t perfect. It’s just fun.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

In case you didn’t get the SLurl at the beginning of the article then click HERE to check out the Christmas Village.


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