Holiday Decorating

I have always enjoyed decorating for Christmas each year on Second Life. I have almost 5 years of Christmas stuff in a folder so it’s always fun to dig through to see what I have. The one thing you really have to love about the holidays on SL is the fact that you have to check how many prims you have left on your land to throw out your stuff. In real life we have to see if the tree fits. In Second Life we have to see if the prim count fits.

Today I decided that it was time I got out the Christmas decorations. It’s December. Less than a month to go. I really need to get to it. I asked Christmas Cow to help me but he was too busy surfing.

Cowabu...GAH..That joke is LAME!

I started out with the Christmas lights but I had issues with them. I told Christmas Cow to pack them up nicely last year but it looks like he just threw them in a box. I will give him a holiday pass do to the fact that he only has hoofs. I am assuming that a lack of thumbs while packing ornaments can make things difficult.

Curse You Christmas Lights!!!!!!

After a couple of hours of editing prims, hanging lights, & drinking MANY martini’s I finally finished the tree up. Next year I am going to remember to not ask Christmas Cow to help me out.I asked Christmas Cow if he wanted to come in & see my pretty tree but he was sleeping. I shouldn’t say sleeping as much as passed out after an entire bottle of rum on a beach blanket.

Not My Good Rum!!!!

I am REALLY trying to not let Christmas Cow’s rude behavior get to me. It is the holiday season after all. So what if he ate all of my good prim dish towels. Or the fact that he isn’t toilet trained & has been forgetting to wear his “cow diaper for the considerate adult bovine”. I am  hoping for some sort of holiday miracle that transforms Christmas Cow into something semi-resembling polite. Or at least someone a little neater.

Since Christmas Cow was passed out drinking my GOOD rum I took a picture to show him later.

TADA & Stuff!!

I really need to get him to see Prim Claus sometime in the next week or two. He needs to tell Mr. Claus what he wants & I would like to get a good picture with all of us together. Since he’s been living with us, I should say squatting, it would be nice to have a “holiday family photo”.

I really hope I can last the rest of the season. Or the liquor doesn’t run out.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Christmas photos take at Santas Workshop which you can find HERE. All pictures of lazy drunk Surfing Christmas Cow taken at my house. This week I am going to try to explain the Prim Claus is always watching without freaking him out TOO much.


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