Strange For The Holidays

I was wandering around Second Life today trying to find more interesting Christmas/Holiday/Winter related places to write about. Only having less than a month before Christmas I try to jam as many places in as possible for people to check out. I wanted to point out two really funky things I saw in my travels. One was just plain WEIRD while the other I just liked looking at with my strange screwed up mind.

My first stop was the Aero Pines Park to check out snow mobiles & skiing (I didn’t see the skiing while I was there. It was mentioned in an ad I saw so it has to be around there somewhere.) I’ve written about the park many times in the past. Most recently I wrote about their Halloween set up. I was, honestly, just going for myself because I thought it would be fun to drive a snow mobile around. That is when I SAW THIS!!!

Someone Get Help!!! AHHHH!!!!

I had to get on the poseball that was on this bike because I really had to show you this. A bloody bike crashed into a tree randomly off of a snowy path. I am going to assume that they are trying to tell us to be careful when biking on ice. Or they want us to drive responsibly around the sim. Maybe someone has a really fucked up sense of humor. Who knows! I just thought it was really random.

The next place I tp’d off to, after spending some time staring at bloody bike, was Paradise Lost. I found it while searching skiing but what really caught my eye, or I should say ear, was the music. It wasn’t Christmas music to go with the decor. It was rap. Not Christmas rap. Just plain rap. I turned it off because I am not a rap fan & having someone rap about their boys was killing the mood. It was at this moment that I stumbled upon THIS:

Leave That Reindeer Alone!

Reindeer abuse! Is that elf trying to SNUFF OUT HIS LIFE by choking him with a scarf?!!? Was this some sort of kinky reindeer game that I had accidentally stumbled upon? Holiday HO HO HO or Holiday HO HO Death? Someone get the reindeer union on the phone for me. We need to stop reindeer abuse.

OK. Maybe I was taking this one a bit too far & it is just a playful tug o’ war between a stubborn reindeer & a really jolly elf. (Mumbles something about my view was funnier.)

Sometimes you just run into some really run into some weird things on Second Life. Even when you’re not trying to look for them. I’m almost afraid to teleport to the next place I plan on going today.

Hold me.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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