Major SLblizzard Warning In Effect

Warning: Major SLblizzard Warning Now In Effect

It's Starting! RUUUUUN!!!!

A major SLblizzard is currently moving into most parts of Second Life starting around 10am SLT. It will start out as small particle flakes that will grow into a SLblizzard of lag inducing EPIC particle proportions. We advise that people think before teleporting today as the SLblizzard has been known to blow avatars off course. This could include unscheduled stops to crowded info hubs, materializing in a crappy club, or lost in a mall with no hope. (NO HOPE!)

OMG! Not (GASP) The Infohub! Noooooo!

If planning to walk to a Second Life liquor store it is advised that you just don’t do it. If you are serious about drinking then you should stock up before hand to avoid getting stuck in snow drifts, sitting on pose balls that say “froze to death”, or running into another avatar who makes a really bad SLweather joke. (Get a load of these HUGE particles baby. No I’m not talking about the snow. HEERRR HERRR HERRR!)


The SLblizzard should taper off to a slow & more manageable particle flurry by 9pm SLT. If there is an emergency then…well…you are screwed unless you happen to know a guy who knows a guy who heard of a place that does RP emergencies.

Your SLweather Girl,

“Tipsy” Cerulean


One response

  1. Tipsy has some very informative insight into the crazy world of SL. This blog opened up eyes to exactly what SL can be about and it’s refreshing to read it knowing this is something she enjoys and not some meaningless BS. Keep it up tipsy and just do your thing and have fun the way you want to, getting drunk in SL and stumbling thru the snow. LOL Take care, see ya around

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