Traveling For The Holidays

I will be out of the SL office starting today until the 3rd of January. I’ll be popping up on Second Life during this time but, with the holidays, will be EXTREMELY busy. This doesn’t mean there won’t be articles out while I am off to spread yuletide merriment in Real Life. There will be plenty of stuff coming out to keep you happy during the holidays. So keep reading throughout the holiday season.

Also don’t forget I have something holiday related playing in my office & prim food to nibble on. Just in case you need a virtual holiday rush breather.

Worst Part Of Traveling For The Holidays Is The Dang Packing!

Followed by an INSANE amount of time spent in a car (No sane person should drive this far). Oh..and the fact it’s colder where I am going. Whyyyyyy? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!?!?!?!!?

Stacking Presents To Travel With Takes MEGA TALENT!

Wish me luck!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


3 responses

  1. I’m not even on SL yet but I can faintly hear music and smell delicious food. Tipsy, u have a great holiday with family! Get wasted so you don’t have to remember being badgered by family for certain choice you’ve made in the past.

    Ubu out

    1. What choices are those? LOL!

  2. Hope your trip is going well.

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