Club Guide #8

Since the holiday is almost upon us I know a lot of people will have time off. If you’re reading this right now then it’s probably safe to assume that you will spend some of your time off wandering around Second Life. No shame baby. We’re all geeks here!It’s allllll goooooood.


Perfect opportunity to throw out a few club reviews since a lot of us will spend some time in-world during our time off.

FabGlitter (M)

(Womans Only Club)

I had a LOT of fun while visiting. The staff was friendly as well as the patrons who were visiting. There are shops but they are not on top of the club, which happens to be right on the water. While the dancefloor it’self isn’t too shabby the areas surrounding the club feel cluttered. Not completely on their part, they have neighbors, but it really kills the view. I understand that sometimes we can’t help what our neighbors do. Especially when we can’t afford a sim/island/etc all to ourselves. You work with what you have.

I want to mention that they have a changing room if you feel the need to change into something beach related, event related, or just need to change your clothing. This wouldn’t usually hit on my radar do to the fact that I have a house but this changing room actually came in handy. While I went back to take a picture Second Life was doing a bunch of region restarts. At that current point in time I couldn’t go home (or to my office) as they were both, basically, not there. I noticed the sign where you first rez in & used the dressing room to change into something else. This changing room did make me question why more places, such as clothing stores, don’t offer changing rooms. It’s a nice gesture.

How Does The Ice Cream Cone Stay In Place?

I felt very comfortable & happy during my visit. The only other thing I can say about this club is that I enjoyed myself & plan on coming back in the future.

Lexi’s dance club

Do you hate getting an automatic group invite before you can even see where you are? I know I do.

I dislike places that have damn balls floating around on the dance floor that tell me what they do. They are annoying clutter. BUT…let us stop for one second. If you think with the mind of a new resident who has absolutely no clue what they are doing  it makes sense. As a new resident you might be leery to sit on a pose ball that doesn’t tell you what it does. They bother the HELL out of me but I’m trying to be nice today. I guess it would make sense to a newer resident.There is one small corner of the dance club with a sign to help new people out. That’s a nice gesture.

The patrons were a strange group of avies. Here I am dressed as a hybrid deer/human while there are a few people in formal wear. Add the numerous amounts of ladies in what amounts to “slut wear” & you have a weird mix going on. I don’t exactly get why we have a mix of fancy & casual/super slut when Peter Frampton is playing. Do you…YOU…Feel like I do? Tell us Mr. Frampton, how do you feel?

I got a “Howdy”  when I walked in but that was about it. I crave discussion. I crave talk. I crave something other then Frampton.I get it Peter. You can make your guitar talk. I GET IT!

It is worth the visit if you don’t go “grrr” over the dance balls.

Tipsy’s Review Note Of The Week

I realized this past week that I need to start keeping a list of places that I have already been. I have written about so many different places that it’s hard to always remember things off the top of my head. Aww man…I just realized that making a list means more work. Damn it! Oh well! It’s for a good cause.

Enjoy any time you get off for the holidays this year!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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